Tom Happ has ideas for 7 more games in the Axiom Verge universe

Axiom Verge universe Tom Happ 7 games

The Metroidvania genre has inspired some of the best indie games around, including the 2015 hit Axiom Verge. This thrilling, sci-fi adventure was the product of a solo developer, Tom Happ, working nights and weekends on his passion project. Once it became a commercial success, Happ was able to transition into full-time development on his next project. He kept its identity secret for years, but last December he finally unveiled Axiom Verge 2. He also revealed that he’s spent the past decade creating a much more vast universe on paper, and recently he clarified those comments. It seems he has enough plot material for an additional 7 games in the universe.

While I was making Axiom Verge, I had no idea if the game would ever have been successful or if I’d have time to make others, but I was afraid that if I didn’t plan ahead, I would end up making sequels and prequels that felt tacked on after the fact. So I made an outline of the history of a whole series and tried to pick an interesting part of it to have Axiom Verge take place in. There’s about 7 other games in there that I would never have time to do but Axiom Verge 2’s story seemed like the most interesting one to continue with if I did get the chance to make it.

As we discussed in a previous interview with Tom Happ, Axiom Verge 2 will be both a prequel and a sequel to the first game. While some may be shocked to hear that protagonist Trace isn’t the focus of the entire franchise, it was always planned that way from the start. Happ told us that he had planned “thousands of years” worth of plot spanning “multiple characters” before the first game ever launched. Trace’s story was just the appetizer. Indra, the protagonist of Axiom Verge 2, is said to be tied more into the “central plot” of the in-game universe.

Does this mean we’ll actually see 7 more games released in the Axiom Verge universe? I sure hope so! At the current rate of one new game every five years, it would take quite a while, but I can’t see myself burning out on the Metroidvania genre anytime soon. That said, burnout on the developer side is a much more serious concern. As Tom Happ told us, he is considering taking a break from the Axiom Verge universe after the sequel launches later this year.


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