Tokyo RPG Factory’s Oninaki comes to Switch on August 22

Since its February Direct reveal, Square Enix has kept a tight lid on details concerning Tokyo RPG Factory’s Oninaki. The developer made a name for itself on the Switch by modernizing classic RPG elements in games like I Am Setsuna and Lost Sphear. With Final Fantasy IV‘s Takashi Tokita at the helm as producer, Oninaki is shaping up to be a hit.

At last, Tokyo RPG Factory fans looking for their next fix won’t have to wait much longer. During tonight’s E3 2019 conference, Square revealed that Oninaki will launch on August 22. You play as a Watcher named Kagachi, as he goes on an epic journey between the Living World and the Beyond to save the souls of the Lost.


With tonight’s new trailer, what do you make of Oninaki? If you enjoyed Tokyo RPG Factory’s previous works, will you be picking up Oninaki in August? Share your thoughts with us in the comments!

Jeffrey McDonell
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