Man arrested by police in Tokyo for reselling about 200 consoles, games

Nintendo-Pulls-Switch-System-Update tokyo police

Tokyo police arrested a 50-year-old man recently for reselling approximately 200 video game systems and games. Now in custody, the man has since confessed to the charges.

The man stole the video game consoles and games off of a delivery truck that he had been left in charge of – apparently, a friend of the suspect entrusted the suspect with care of the deliveries. According to Tokyo police, when given close to 200 PS5s, Switches, and games to deliver, the man instead opted to sell most of the consoles to video game stores around the area.

The value of the video game systems resold is believed to total approximately 4.8 million yen ($51,100). The suspect is alleged to have received over 3 million yen ($26,000) in profits.

According to Tokyo police, the suspect is unemployed and had been staying in internet cafes ever since selling his haul. Recovering the money lost will be difficult, because the suspect claims to have spent nearly all of it on horse racing.

The current scarcity of PS5 and Nintendo Switch systems no doubt contributed to the suspect’s heavy profits. It is quite hard to find many game systems nowadays, and in this case, the suspect was too tempted to avoid trying to take advantage of his situation.


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