Toki remake gets a gameplay trailer and a release date

Earlier in the year, we brought you the news that Toki was getting a remake. Most of us at Enthusiast Towers are too young to really remember the original game when it released in 1989. We always intrigued to check out gaming history, though. This means that we are intrigued by the upcoming remake from Microïds. The French developer has been a good supporter of Switch. Not only have they brought games such as Gear Club Unlimited, Super Chariot, and fellow remastered game Flashback to the system.

Toki tells the story of the titular character’s attempts to rescue his beloved Miho from Doctor Vookimedlo who has kidnapped her. This is made more difficult by the fact that the witch doctor has turned him into an ape. Pretty everyday stuff really. Gameplay seems to be very similar to Ghosts n Goblins (which is actually 4 years older than Toki). Toki can fire projectiles to deal with enemies and finds items that help him, these include an American football helmet, a pair of ferns, and a tuba. After all, when facing off against a witch doctor who has turned you into an ape after stealing your girlfriend, who wouldn’t want a giant brass instrument?

The game will release worldwide in the Nintendo eShop on 4th December 2018. There is also a collectors edition available which will launch on 22nd November in Europe and 4th December in North America.

Here’s the gameplay trailer for the game –

Steve Clist
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