Switch Yoshi title may have been accidentally spoiled by Nintendo

Yoshi's Crafted World - Yoshi - Nintendo Switch

You have to be careful on the internet because it never forgets. Case in point: next year’s Switch Yoshi title may have just been leaked by Nintendo’s own website.


Twitter user ElectricVideoGamer was the first person to stumble upon the potential title. While browsing the Nintendo website, ElectricVideoGamer discovered the above screen and noticed the name Yoshi’s Crafted World. While the name did not show up in a direct search, it did pop up under the “You might also like…” screen when perusing other games. Another user named Zalman also confirmed seeing the title. I tried looking for the game just now but only Yoshi for Nintendo Switch (Working Title) shows up.

If the Yoshi game for Switch ends up being Yoshi’s Crafted World, I’m going to be disappointed. It’s not a very imaginative name. I was hoping for Yoshi’s Cardboard Adventure, Yoshi Pops Up, or Why is my World Coming in and out of Existence?

Any readers excited or saddened by the next Yoshi’s supposed name? Let us know in the comment section.

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