Tiny tunes: Final Fantasy I-VI to receive music boxes from Square Enix

Final Fantasy music box

Last year, we brought news of official Final Fantasy VII music boxes. Yours truly owns two of them: Tifa’s Theme and Main Theme of Final Fantasy VII. But what about other games in the franchise? Square Enix has heard my inquiry, apparently, because the company just announced Final Fantasy I-VI will be getting the music box treatment, as well. Finally, we can hear snippets of Nobuo Uematsu’s scores from tiny corners of our homes!

I definitely want music boxes from Final Fantasy I, IV, and VI, at the very least

Here is the full list of tunes, as well as their respective colors:

As for which one of these you should pick up, that’s all personal preference. Speaking for myself, I’d say you’d need the Opening Theme from Final Fantasy I, since it’s iconic, and Searching for Friends from Final Fantasy VI because it is the best one in the series. You have to celebrate its upcoming Pixel Remaster, after all.

Each music box will cost $17.99. They will ship in North America in August 2022. You can pre-order them at Square Enix’s official website.

Enthusiasts, which Final Fantasy music box are you eyeing? Let us know below!

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