Tiny Thor is a vibrant 16-bit action platformer in development for Switch

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Developer Asylum Square has been quietly working away on a 16-bit action platformer called Tiny Thor, planned for PC, Nintendo Switch, and PlayStation and Xbox platforms. You can find the game to wishlist on Steam, or you can find it floating around on Twitter or Imgur — but the game has yet to really receive “the spotlight” anywhere. So, we decided to change that, because this game warrants a lot more attention.

Asylum Square comprises a lot of accomplished game development talent, including, among others, developer Joe Manaco (real name Jochen Heizmann), designer Steffen Künstler, artist Henk Nieborg, pixel artist Nauris Amatnieks, pixel artist Andrew Bado, composer Chris Hülsbeck, and composer Fabian Del Priore. And that talent really shows in all of the available clips of Tiny Thor, which oozes personality in its pixel art and has an energetic, PlayStation 1-esque soundtrack.

But aesthetics aside, Tiny Thor is offering a lot of promise with its action platformer gameplay as well. Your weapon, Mjolnir, ricochets all around when you throw it, offering a lot of opportunity for diverse physics puzzles. The game draws inspiration from many sources, including Turrican, Super Metroid, Super Mario Bros., Sonic the Hedgehog, Mega Man, Celeste, and Shovel Knight, and you can look forward to the following aspects in gameplay:

  • 2D platforming meets Breakout
  • Brain-tickling physics puzzles
  • Unlock meaningful upgrades to meet the ever-increasing challenges
  • Spectacular and tough-as-nails boss fights
  • Explore sprawling levels in varied worlds
  • Discover lots of secrets and Easter eggs
  • Test your mettle in optional challenge levels
  • A love letter to the golden age of Amiga, SNES, and Sega Genesis platforming

You can get a better feel for the gameplay and music in Tiny Thor in the clips below.

Avoid the spikes

Whether you’re an old-school platformer lover or just have a deep appreciation for aesthetics, Asylum Square’s Tiny Thor is a game to watch as it continues development. The game’s release date is “when it’s done.”

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