Time to brawl: River City Girls Zero gets a release next week

River City Girls Zero release date

The last we heard from River City Girls Zero, the title was getting a sweet Limited Run release. Unfortunately, that pre-order didn’t give an exact date of when it would launch, let alone digitally. Thankfully, developer WayForward Technologies has our best interests at heart. It just revealed the release date for River City Girls Zero on social media. The game will debut on Switch next week, February 14.

When I think Valentine’s Day, I think of beating butt in River City Girls Zero

Check out the official announcement below:

This reskin of an old Super Famicom game will release in both NA and EU. It looks like the Switch version has a limited exclusivity deal in place, as the title will not hit other consoles until the spring.

Interestingly enough, you can’t pre-order River City Girls Zero via the eShop. In fact, the adventure doesn’t even show up yet (there’s a page for River City Girls 2, somehow, even though that is slated for the summer). Hopefully, the page will go live soon so gamers can know exactly how much the digital version is going to cost.

Enthusiasts, are you happy the River City Girls Zero release date is right around the corner? Let us know below!


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