Tiger Woods PGA Tour 15 Not Hitting a Hole in One


Things have been rough between EA and Tiger Woods these past of couple of years with the dirt about his personal life getting dug up, a car crash into a tree, and now some more bad news.  It would appear that Tiger Wood’s PGA 15 won\’t go on tour and his caddy will have to find work elsewhere.  According to Kotaku, some key players helping get the game off the ground said that since EA CEO John Riccitiello left, the golf ball that was supposed to be outsourced to another putting green has gotten stuck in a sand trap and is not recoverable.  However, a team inside EA has picked up the work and will be working the next two years on Tiger’s Woods PGA Tour 16 and will see how they can put to work the new next-gen systems.

When EA was approached to give more input into the matter they said,

\”We don\’t comment on speculation about our franchises.  We have nothing to announce today about future games on the Tiger Woods PGA Tour franchise.\”

It would appear that maybe fans shouldn\’t count Tiger out just yet.  However, speculation aside, it could very well be a good two year wait for Tiger Woods PGA Tour to make its way to the Masters.

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[Source: Kotaku]

Tom Stovall