Hold my stuff: Fan creates a 3D-printed Thwomp cartridge holder for Switch games

Thwomp cartridge holder

There are plenty of options available to gamers who want to house their Switch and its cartridges. But what about those fans who go the extra mile and make holders of their own? If you are Reddit user budwad, then you use your imagination to the fullest. Using a 3D printer, this individual created a perfect Thwomp cartridge holder.

I wish to make something as cool as this Thwomp cartridge holder

Gaze at the glory of this pissed off Mario foe:

Thwomp cartridge holder

Damn, that’s impressive! It holds an array of games and the top half can be placed on any surface to create the illusion of biting. That’s twice the level of appeal.

According to budwad, the process had a “steep learning curve” and was created with the pricey CR6-SE printer. When it comes out looking like THIS, though, I think the effort is well worth it.

If you want to try to make the fancy holder yourself, you can check out the base here. Since many of us are still at home, perhaps now would be a great time to learn the wonders of 3D printing.

Enthusiasts, are you as impressed with the Thwomp cartridge holder as I am? Let us know below!

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