Thomas Was Alone, the hit indie platformer, comes to Switch in 2021

Thomas Was Alone Nintendo Switch release date Q1 2021 Mike Bithell Games

Indie developer Mike Bithell has been busy promoting his new PC game this week, The Solitaire Conspiracy. However, Bithell has been around for some time, and his debut title, Thomas Was Alone, was a huge success. The 2012 platformer has released on just about every system since its PC debut, aside from Nintendo Switch. That’s about to change.

The developer has announced that Thomas Was Alone is coming to Switch in Q1 of next year. The team at Ant Workshop is assisting with the port, which doesn’t have a solid release date just yet. Bithell revealed the port out of the blue today on Twitter and followed up by answering some fan questions about the Switch version.

Thomas Was Alone Nintendo Switch release date Q1 2021 Mike Bithell Games

For a start, it will come with the Benjamin’s Flight DLC, which was previously a separate purchase on other systems. Another Twitter user approached the topic of a physical release. Bithell responded with “not initially, but definitely not ruling it out,” revealing that the initial release will be for the Switch eShop only at least.

Believe it or not, Thomas Was Alone did get a Wii U port in 2014, so honestly, we’re surprised it’s taken this long to come to Switch. We don’t know anything about the technical details on Switch, but considering how low-poly Thomas Was Alone is, it shouldn’t have any problems.

Will you be playing this indie hit on Switch in Q1 2021? In the meantime, Bithell Games’ John Wick Hex will release on Switch in December.

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