Thomas Was Alone gets less alone on Nintendo Switch in February

Thomas Was Alone Nintendo Switch release date February Mike Bithell Games Ant Workshop

Thomas Was Alone has retroactively become such a falsehood of a title, considering how you can grab it on almost every game console available these days. Along those lines, developer Mike Bithell has announced that Thomas Was Alone is coming to Nintendo Switch on Feb. 19, with a port handled by Ant Workshop and a demo available on the eShop now. The puzzle platformer first launched on PC back in 2012, where it became a major indie hit thanks to accessible gameplay, a peculiar story, and narration by Danny Wallace. The game is not a complex experience in any way, strictly involving blocks jumping from place to place for a few hours, and that apparently worked in the game’s favor.

In all honesty, I played Thomas Was Alone on PS Vita back in the day, and all I remember about it is that I was completely unimpressed from start to finish. However, I am apparently in the minority with that sentiment, so don’t let me spoil your fun. In any case, Mike Bithell and Bithell Games subsequently went on to craft some more intricate experiences, including John Wick Hex.

Let us know if you plan on grabbing Thomas Was Alone (for the third or fourth time?) on Nintendo Switch. It currently has a 20% preorder discount, making it $7.99.


John Friscia
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