This third-party Switch dock sports Gamecube ports and ethernet

Power Bay - Switch Dock - by Brook Gaming

There’s a decent variety of Switch docks out there. But this one from Brook Gaming is quite the looker. As a follow-up to its original Power Bay dock, Brook Gaming is now releasing a new version this April with even more features.

You may notice that the Power Bay dock looks an awful lot like a Gamecube. That’s not a coincidence, as the dock actually includes two built-in Gamecube controller ports (with built-in macro support, apparently). Additionally, it packs-in an ethernet port along with two USB ports. The icing on the cake is that it even offers Bluetooth audio connectivity that can connect to two separate devices. That’s quite a lot of functionality for a little device, especially considering that this one dock takes the place of what would be three entirely separate adaptors you’d need to plug-in to a regular Switch dock to get the same use out of it.

Another party trick of the Power Bay is that it will allow you to use connect it with USB-C enabled device that can display over HDMI to output a signal to a TV/monitor. So, if your phone, for example, has a USB-C port and can display over HDMI, just rest it in the Power Bay. A Switch Lite can also be slotted into the dock, though it does not support HDMI video output.

While a release month for the new Power Bay has been announced, its price has not yet been revealed. But, there are some hints that allow for at least an educated guess.


Price points

Power Bay - Switch Dock - by Brook Gaming

There are two existing Power Bay docks that are already out and ready for purchase: the Power Bay V1 and Power Bay Crimson (a slightly stripped down version that drops Bluetooth audio support). The Power Bay V1 goes for $65 and the PowerBay Crimson goes for $52. So, you can expect the new Power Bay to most likely cost close to $80, give or take.

Also note that the existing Power Bay features everything that the new dock will minus the built-in Ethernet port. So, if that’s not important to you, then you don’t even have to wait until this April for the more expensive dock.

Personally, I’d never heard of any of these peripherals until now. But, I’m really intrigued and might just pick up the Power Bay V1 dock, simply for its value alone. Reputable Bluetooth adapters for the Switch go for at least $30 and third-party Gamecube controller adapters go for $13. So, that’s $43; less expensive than the Power Bay, but that’s two separate devices attaching to your console/dock versus one compact device that’s still smaller than a traditional Switch dock.

Armed with that info, take a look at your Switch setup and consider if it’s the right fit for you.

When you think about it, it would be awesome if Nintendo just included all of these features in the official Switch docks. But, then again, that means it wouldn’t be able to sell us any extra accessories. Hmmm, well played (but not for our wallets).

A.K Rahming
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