This Japanese Twitter recreates classic games as incredible pixel GIFs

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This lazy Sunday, I’m gonna share with you guys what I consider to be the actual best Twitter account. It’s another Japanese Twitter account, like with the individual I shared a couple weeks ago who creates nothing but awesome Chrono Trigger fan art. Japanese user @ktwfc (Our website theme doesn’t support displaying Japanese characters, sorry.) exclusively creates extraordinary animated pixel art for iconic video games, often showcasing likewise iconic moments in these games. These isometric pixel GIFs are in themselves the stuff of legend, displaying such a powerful artistic aesthetic and literally displaying famous games from a new perspective.

Take a look at just a sampling of all the extraordinary pixel GIFs @ktwfc has created.

Or if you wanna just watch 12 minutes’ worth of video game pixel GIFs, well, YouTube has you covered on that front too.

I can’t emphasize enough that this is only a sampling of what @ktwfc has produced over the years. This Japanese Twitter user has developed a sweeping portfolio of fan art that plays with dimensionality for dynamic effects, and they’re all an awesome delight. Even the pixel GIFs that are for games that mostly only Japanese gamers would know about are easy to appreciate.

If there is a better Twitter account than this, I haven’t seen it. What do you make of the creations of @ktwfc?


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