This Japanese Twitter exclusively makes beautiful Chrono Trigger fan art

Chrono Trigger fan art Sakutarou556 Twitter user account Japan Japanese Square Enix

It’s another slow Sunday, which means I get to highlight something random and wonderful for you guys. This time around, I’d like to introduce you to the Japanese Twitter account of @sakutarou556. This user exclusively pumps out beautiful, fun, heartwarming Chrono Trigger fan art that really captures the essence of what made that game so captivating. Sakutarou556’s Twitter bio, machine translated into English, reads, “An adult who likes games. I love Chrono Trigger,” and that pretty much summarizes everything!

Have a look at just a sampling of the wonderful creations this user has produced.

It’s pretty fantastic stuff, right?! If you’re up for some Chrono Trigger fan art, this Twitter account is your one-stop shopping.

Since this user actually does know English (or enough English, at least!), I asked recently what inspired all of this art. The reply was succinct and heartwarming: “The motivation is … I love this game and want to see more of their adventures!” You and me both.

It only takes one wrong turn for Twitter to become an awful place, so I try to load up my feed with an abundance of fun and inspiring art like this. If you love Chrono Trigger and want to keep it alive in any way you can, including with fan art, then be sure to follow this user.


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