This is the most amazing Final Fantasy X cosplay we’ve ever seen

Final Fantasy X cosplay Japan

Apologies in advance — I’m not up to date on the cosplay scene, I can’t read Japanese, and machine translation is not being especially helpful right now. But nonetheless, we had to share this, because we’ve stumbled into possibly the most amazing Final Fantasy X cosplay ever. Just take a look at this Yuna (@sirm0720) and tell us that isn’t precisely how she should look in real life. Then take a second look and think about how the entire party of Final Fantasy X looks freaking perfect here.

Back in June, Twitter user @ma_san_YP shared phenomenal images from a professional shoot, and in a more recent tweet, the user shares more extraordinary RPG cosplay, including Yuna as she appears in Final Fantasy X-2.

To hazard a guess, I would imagine this is a “professional cosplay” group who didn’t just decide to dress up as video game characters one day. The attention to detail on not just every outfit but every setting is jaw-dropping. The lighting is impeccable as well. Everything about thisĀ Final Fantasy X cosplay is art, and it’s worth our attention.

However, if you’re hungry for impressive cosplay of a different kind, then check out this ultra-diesel Robbin’ ‘Ood Dragon Quest cosplay, also from Japan.

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