This is the correct way to pronounce NES, according to Nintendo themselves


We’ve all had this argument with a friend. Nintendo Entertainment System, the NES: is it pronounced N-E-S or “ness”?

For years, the debate surrounding how to pronounce the console’s shortened name has raged on. Regardless of your stance, Nintendo has finally answered the question in the recent 3DS title, WarioWareGold.

If WarioWare Gold’s museum section is anything to go off of, the correct way to say it is “ness”. This is according to @FarmboyinJapan on Twitter, who discovered the tidbit.

Nintendo’s been historically inconsistent on the pronounciation of NES. While “ness” is the terminology used here, the company has used both in the past.

NES Classic Edition

Which way did you grow up saying NES? Either way, let us know your favorite games for the system in our comments section down below!

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