This is a triumph: Portal: Companion Collection coming to Switch this year

Portal: Companion Collection Switch

I did not see this coming. One of the reveals during the Nintendo Direct involved two Valve titles from years past. Portal: Companion Collection will be launching on Nintendo Switch sometime this year. The compendium will collect both Portal and Portal 2 in one package.

Portal: Companion Collection is a huge success (I’m even making a note here)

Check out the official announcement trailer for the collection below:

Behold the glory of the Companion Cube. It is one of your only friends on this dangerous journey.

Portal is a unique adventure where the player creates different colored portals for the purpose of warp traversal. There’s also an omnipresent AI who is constantly threatening and belittling you. Portal 2 also has single-player content, but it ups the ante with local, online, and split-screen multiplayer modes. A perfect way to spend time with loved ones while creating portals that send them plummeting to their doom.

Interested players can check out the official Nintendo page for Portal: Companion Collection here. There is no solid release date yet, nor a price, but hopefully, that will change soon.

Enthusiasts, will you be nabbing the Portal: Companion Collection on Switch later this year? Let us know your plans below!

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