GameCube Joy-Con are almost as great as the real thing

GameCube Joy-Con

Due to its ergonomic design, its control pad and C-stick that protrude out, and its unusual yet practical placement of face buttons, the GameCube controller stands out in the memories of many Nintendo gamers. It may or may not be your favorite Nintendo controller, but it probably felt good in your hands at least. Now you can combine old and modern with a new GameCube-style Joy-Con from SADES.

The GameCube Joy-Con come with most of the standard Joy-Con features, even down to amiibo support. The only features lacking from these controllers are HD rumble and the IR camera according to a customer review. However, the same review points to the face buttons being too flush, and we can see ourselves that the directional gates on the sticks are wrong, so Smash players may want to look elsewhere. The grip looks a little funky too. And while the GameCube Joy-Con lack the analog triggers of the original controller, the standard Joy-Con don’t have them either to be fair.

GameCube Joy-Con SADES

All in all, it’s a genius idea, but one that could definitely be improved upon. Still, if you’ve got the cash and just want something pretty, albeit from a distance, then these GameCube Joy-Con could be for you.


Cody Morris
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