Theater terrifies children with horror movie instead of Detective Pikachu

horror movie The Curse of La Llorona instead of Detective Pikachu

A room full of kids got quite the scare when the theater they were at started showing a horror film instead of Detective Pikachu. According to Ryan George, best known for Screen Rant’s Pitch Meetings series, Montreal’s Guzzo Marché Central somehow mixed up theaters and swapped showings of Detective Pikachu and The Curse of La Llorona.

The first indication something was wrong came as early as the trailers. Instead of the more kid-friendly teasers prior to Detective Pikachu, the theater showed trailers for Annabelle Comes Home, Joker, and Child’s Play. Creepy dolls, clowns, knives, and murder (among many other things) flashed on the screen. It’s no wonder then that the theater quickly filled with the horrified screams of frightened children.

The trailers then gave way to the feature film. La Llorona‘s opening features a mother attempting to drown her child. No doubt this did little to soothe the audience. It was only at this point that the theater stopped the film and ushered the children and their parents into the correct theater. There, they found Detective Pikachu paused and waiting.

It’s certainly not the first time theater mix-ups have happened, but this might be the worst occurrence yet. Hopefully, Detective Pikachu was enough to help settle the kids. Then again, The Curse of La Llorona doesn’t have that terrifying Ludicolo in it.

Detective Pikachu is now showing in theaters nationwide. Is it the big break video game films have been waiting for? Or does it fail to accomplish what many others have tried before?


Steven Rollins
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