The Year of Waluigi: Four new games he’s ‘definitely’ starring ‘in’


On July 21, 2000, Mario Tennis debuted in Japan. With it, one of Nintendo’s least iconic characters was born. Both a nuisance and a friend of Wario, over the past 20 years Waluigi has stolen our hearts and our shoes. In dubious honor of this inauspicious event, Nintendo and its partners recycled four games to keep him out of their hair. Let’s let the man of the hour tell us all about them. Take it away, Waluigi!

Forget the Year of Luigi. Get outta here with Mario’s 35th anniversary. Nintendo’s not home, so now It’s Waluigi Time™! Your favorite doppelgänger has invaded some of the most anticipated titles coming to the Switch whether you like it or not. WAH HAH HAH HAH HAH!

The Legend of Wah-lda: Breath of the Wah-ld 2


You like exploration? You like epic story? Too bad, It’s Waluigi Time™. Make your way across a recovering Hyrule as you kick chumps in the shins and laugh at their pain. Scam the peasants out of their hard-earned rupees in this awful, awful adventure. Hit that Moblin with at least five different tennis rackets, none of which were all that great to begin with. You can attack everything in sight or try to stealth your way out of battles while the enemies keep catching the scent of your halitosis. Join forces with Mummy Ganondorf and take over the world as a team, then double-cross him and win the game!

Wah-troid Prime 4


In this gorgeous game full of melancholy and introspection, break the silence with your terrible shouting. Terrorize space pirates and alien wildlife as you guide Waluigi throughout the galaxy. With objectives ranging from bounty hunting to tax evasion, the true challenge is in striking a balance among all the crimes. There are five expansive planets to explore, defile, and blow up in this upcoming wah-sterpiece.

B-wah-onetta 3


Why are these all sequels? Doesn’t Waluigi get his own game? This is an outrage! Battle the forces of Heaven, Hell, and Waffle House as you earn enough respect to star in an original title. Rescue adorable magic children and teach them how to burn the place down. Build up amazing combos with all your sick moves. Seriously, the angels and demons will fall violently ill when they witness the true majesty of Waluigi. This is a normal Monday night for the Waffle House employees.

Persona 5 Royal


The only way this was coming to the Switch was if they put Waluigi in it!

And we’re back. We hope you’ll tolerate this collection of titles featuring the Purple Perp at his absolute worst. Nintendo continually strives to surprise and delight the fans, and 2020 is the perfect year to take a break from all that. Happy 20th birthday, Waluigi!

Dominick Ashtear