The Wonderful 101 Needs 10GB HD Space!

Better clear out some space if you have the Premium Wii U, if you have the basic, well time to invest in a hard drive. The Wonderful 101 has been reported as requiring 10.2GB of space to download from the Nintendo eShop.

Titles from the eShop have seen a huge variance in size requirements, the recently released Pikmin 3 measured in at just 4GB while Lego City Undercover weighed in at a whopping 19GB mark. Meaning that if you were the consumer who purchased the Basic edition of the Wii U things haven\’t been easy options wise for eShop downloads, while for those Premium owners space is beginning to get tight in their systems.

Nintendo Enthusiast’s advice to consumers is to begin to consider purchasing an external HD to store your game downloads on.  You cannot go much further than Nintendo’s own official advice;

We have found that the following external storage devices work with the Wii U system; these device(s) have been subjected to basic performance tests:


1 TB: HD-LB1.0TU3-US

2 TB: HD-LB2.0TU3-US


Backup Plus Desktop Drive

1TB : STCA1000100 (US)

2TB : STCA2000100 (US)

Expansion Desktop

1TB : STBV1000100 (US)

2TB : STBV2000100 (US)


1 TB: HDWC110XK3J1

2 TB: HDWC120XK3J1

Western Digital (WD)

My Book™



Nintendo does not guarantee any of these HD’s but they do state that through testing they perform favourably with the Wii U system.  Right now with Nintendo offering the eShop credit rebate program in NA and gifting a 30% discount on The Wonderful 101 if Pikmin 3 is purchased throught the eShop in Europe, there hasn\’t seemed to be a better time to purchase from the eShop.

Source [Nintendo Life]

Mark Loughlin