The Wonderful 101 Has a Secret Character, Plus a Hero Based on Director Kamiya

The Wonderful 101’s Creative Director Hideki Kamiya has been put into the game in the form of a new hero called the Wonder-Director according to a recent Iwata Asks session.  Nintendo’s Shingo Matsushita said that Kamiya’s character is, \”quite unique\”.  In fact, when debugging The Wonderful 101, Wonder-Director became a bug himself when everyone was tense and trying to get things done.  Despite that finding him will not be easy.

\”He’s a bit of a hidden character.  If you play it enough, he\’ll appear, but he can do something a bit unique, so he was something to watch out for during debug.  Physically, he’s very unique looking as well, and his collision detection seems a bit different than other characters,\” said Matsushita.  

All in all, Wonder-Director is something Kamiya’s team kept in the game to show their appreciation for him.

Things moved on in the Iwata Asks session to address the issue of a hidden secret collaborative character.  When poised the question as to the name of that character Matsushita said that couldn\’t be revealed and that once again players would have to play through enough of the game to find it.  However, Matsushita said that the character’s likeness was put into a \”Wonderful 101\” form.

\”Just like the original, the character will fight with guns, and that other trademark item has been changed into a mask as well.  The character will also have its own Unite Morph,\” said Matsushita.

In regard to the character having its own Unite Morph Matsushita said that the character has some \”high specs\” He said that when the character is in its Unite Morph phase and turns larger that it will be using hand-to-hand combat rather than its guns.  He said that the team member who made up the moves for the character were carefully crafted.

The Wonderful 101 arrives today August 23 in Europe and on September 15 for North America.

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Tom Stovall