The Wolf Among Us 2 announced by resurrected Telltale Games

The Wolf Among Us 2 Telltale Games The Game Awards 2019

Telltale Games went bankrupt a while back, but then some basically completely unrelated people bought the brand and started calling themselves Telltales Games. Soooo the developer exists again, kind of, and at The Game Awards 2019 they have announced The Wolf Among Us 2, an extremely demanded sequel to The Wolf Among Us, which is set in the Fables comic book universe. Telltale has partnered with AdHoc Studio, allegedly formed out of former Telltale staff, to create the narrative adventure. Directors Nick Herman and Dennis Lenart are returning along with writer Pierre Shorette. Venture Beat also relates: “Telltale Games’ former vice president of engineering, Zac Litton, has joined the new Telltale team as chief technology officer.”

The game will come to Epic Games Store on PC and “consoles.”

This still isn’t quite the same team making The Wolf Among Us 2 that created the original, and that issue aside, it can be difficult to catch lightning in a bottle twice. It’s possible that this game will be an incredible return to form for the resurrected Telltale Games. Or it can fall apart, be a piece of crap, and be a sign to come for this zombie studio. But let’s think optimistically for now!

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