“It’s so bad”: Giant NES commercial/movie The Wizard receiving a 30th anniversary Blu-ray launch

The Wizard

“Califorrrrnia.” “Ninja Gaiden…HAI.” These memorable lines call to mind the classic 1989 film, The Wizard. Starring Fred Savage, Luke Edwards, and the lead singer of Rilo Kiley, the movie is a road trip mixed with Nintendo games. It’s not very good but fans have given it a cult status over the years, clamoring for a modern release. Now, nearly 30 years later, the film’s director, Todd Holland, has confirmed The Wizard is getting a Blu-ray launch.

The Wizard taught us the correct pronunciation of Ninja Gaiden

Todd took to social media to deliver the Blu-ray news to all The Wizard fanatics out there. In his video message, he thanks all of the film’s fans who “kept screaming at Universal to give this movie some respect.”


The anniversary Blu-ray is due February 2020.

It also deserves recognition for showing the world Super Mario Bros. 3

There are two reasons younger gamers should give this picture a shot. One, it has the first public footage of Super Mario Bros. 3. It even shows the viewer how to get the first warp whistle in the game!

Two, it has Lucas, the evilest of villains. Why is he so dastardly? Because he tries to sell the audience on the Power Glove, an NES accessory that doesn’t work.

Well, maybe he was just being honest with that last line.

Older Enthusiasts, will you pick up a copy of The Wizard on Blu-ray come February? Did you know Tobey Maguire is in this movie? With a mullet? Let us know your answer to these inquiries below!

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