The Witcher showrunners say they have 20 years worth of source material

The Witcher Netflix trailer release date Dec. 17 maybe

While the show’s first season is still about six weeks away from its December 20 Netflix debut, the showrunner for The Witcher, Lauren Hissrich, is confident that the series could run for a very long time. Currently, seven seasons are mapped out. That is already a lot for how long Netflix shows tend to last, but what’s more is that Hissrich believes that the source material provides twenty seasons worth of story. She indicated as much in a Twitter exchange with a fan yesterday.

So, while this comment does not say a ton about how long the show will actually end up lasting, it is at least refreshing to see how excited the showrunners are for The Witcher. We’ll see if they still have that same energy a few seasons in, though–and that’s provided that Netflix also maintains some excitement for the series. Hopefully, they’re onto something great.

Are you excited for The Witcher? I am interested in checking out and seeing if the show itself is worth the hype that it draws from its source material. I am not sure that anything should go on for twenty seasons, much less a serious show like The Witcher, but I would love to see it hit an early stride and enjoy a long life on Netflix.

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