The Witcher overcomes December release to be Netflix’s sixth most popular title of 2019

The Witcher Netflix trailer release date Dec. 17 maybe

Netflix’s The Witcher has enjoyed all sorts of hype this year thanks to a star-studded cast and so much love for the series’ books and games that precede it. That hype has evidently translated to all sorts of attention on the popular streaming platform; according to Netflix’s year-end data, The Witcher was its sixth most popular title of the year. Check out the full top ten below.

  1. Murder Mystery
  2. Stranger Things 3
  3. 6 Underground
  4. The Incredibles 2
  5. The Irishman
  6. The Witcher
  7. The Triple Frontier
  8. Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil and Vile
  9. The Umbrella Academy
  10. The Highwaymen

The Witcher clearly is off to some degree of success, though thanks to Netflix’s penchant for vagueness, we have no idea what metrics craft this list; we do not know if it is based on people actually watching the entire show, just a few episodes, or even just the first few minutes.

Regardless, Netflix and the showrunners are both quite excited about The Witcher.  Season two was greenlit way before the series even debuted, and the producers claim to have enough source material to run the show for twenty years. Several fans of the show have been quite enthusiastic as well, including one talented mind who modded star Henry Cavill’s face onto Geralt in The Witcher 3. The show has a ton of support from fans and the studios behind it, so it hopefully has a long, fruitful life ahead.

Have you watched Netflix’s The Witcher? Did it deliver on the hype? Does it rightfully deserve its place among Netflix’s most-watched titles on the year? Let us know what you think in the comments.


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