The Witcher 3 on Switch? Panic Button says they’re not working on it

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt review Panic Button is not working on it The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt - Light Edition

We previously reported on a rumor that The Witcher 3 could be headed to Nintendo Switch. Since then, a second rumor has popped up that the people responsible for the port would be Panic Button. Panic Button is very well beloved by Nintendo fans these days, as they are known for porting technologically complex titles like the upcoming Doom Eternal and Wolfenstein: Youngblood to Switch. However, a Panic Button representative has taken to Reddit to squash the rumor of portingĀ The Witcher 3 completely.

Rep u/winston_pennypacker said, “Why didn’t anyone tell us we were supposed to be porting that? If so, we’re waaaaay behind! (…Seriously though, we are not working on the Witcher 3).” And that’s that! No Panic Button Witcher, folks.

Still, this by no means precludes the possibility of the game ever coming to Switch. As our own Arthur Damian wrote, The Witcher 3 could always come to Switch as a cloud streaming title, for better or worse.

Even after all this time, it still feels like a small miracle that we can play portable Skyrim on the Switch. It would be pretty spectacular if we could someday do the same with CD Projekt Red’s magnum opus. Keep those fingers crossed hard.


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