The winners of Uniqlo’s Pokémon design contest have been revealed

The top winner for Uniqlo's Pokemon contest

Back in October, Uniqlo announced a call for t-shirt design submissions based on Pokémon. The winners of Uniqlo’s Pokémon contest would see their designs made into t-shirts for an upcoming Pokémon line with the Japanese clothing brand. The top three winners won a hefty cash prize, while multiple runner-ups got a sweet $500 check. The first-prize winner, however, won a grand package that included $10,000, a special trophy,  an invitation to an award ceremony in Tokyo based on the shirt, and an invite to the 2019 Pokémon World Championships.

That first-prize winner was Li Wen Pei from China, who won for an incredible design based off Gyarados and Magikarp.

The top winner for Uniqlo's Pokemon contest The top winner for Uniqlo's Pokemon contest, Gyrados in black

Pei had this to say on his design:

I felt crazy and couldn’t believe it when I saw the result. I read the email several times and finally confirmed it for myself that it’s really the grand prize. How can it be!? The theme of this design is “Ocean King.” The unique point is that, I use a totem style to present it. Magikarp is the faith in a fans’ mind. Also, the evolution from weakness to mightiness is like a miracle. Totem style really matches the faith and feeling I think. So I redesigned Magikarp and Gyarados into totem styles. The contrast between them is definitely impressive.

Pei also will see his shirt design land in the upcoming Pokémon Sword and Shield games.

The top winner for Uniqlo's Pokemon contest

Second place goes to mizukilobyte from Japan, who design an awesome Unown shirt with a very cool back print.

Uniqlo's Pokemon second prize winner for Unown

She writes:

My design concept is Unown and is camouflaged with a vision test. Because I thought it would be a fun design. Also Landolt C is a universal symbol and all the people can enjoy my design!

Lastly, Uniqlo’s third-prize winner is Emily from the United States, whose design includes a chill, tropical-esque Pikachu hanging out with an Alola form Exeggutor.

She wrote on her claim to third-place:

I was so excited! Since I live in the US, I actually got the email with the news after I had already gone to bed. After that, I couldn’t sleep! I’m so honored that my artwork was chosen, out of all the entries, for a prize. It’s amazing! My husband and I jokingly titled my design “pikachill” — and that basically describes the theme! I knew the shirts were for summertime, so I wanted to do something that was very “summer,” and there’s nothing more “summer” than chilling on a tropical beach with a fancy drink! The Exeggutor (Alora Form) worked perfectly to convey “tropical beach” — plus I just think that Exeggutor (Alora Form) is really, really funny.

A list of all of Uniqlo’s Pokemon winners can be found at UTGP2019’s official website. There were 28 winners in total, spanning between clothing for men, women and children. No word yet on when the shirts will officially release, but Uniqlo’s main website simply says “soon”.

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