The Wii U Difference with Rufus Hound #2

This is the second in what we can only assume is a series of videos from Nintendo in partnership with Rufus Hound, a UK comedian who is generally greeted by audiences howling at him, formally famous for his handlebar moustache that he isn\’t sporting in these videos with the Wii U.

This video tries to showcase the variety of titles available to get on Wii U from big budget titles that are released in stores and on eShop to those titles only found on eShop that include indie hits and virtual console retro memories.

Don\’t worry if you don\’t get the cheesy humour in this video, as one of the few editors on Nintendo Enthusiast from the UK [as you could probably tell from my spelling of \”humour\”] I find this quite humourous. ┬áRufus always has that sort of dim witted, light comedic style and it blends quite well here. I do prefer the first Wii U difference spot, but its effective in its presentation.

Mark Loughlin