The Wacky Nintendo Page Full of Surprises


The Wacky Nintendo Page Full of Surprises

Note: This page is part of the Wacky Week theme. For more wackiness, click here. Hidden on this page are 34 links to other Nintendo-related sites, images, and videos. We tried to make them interesting. We think you\’ll be surprised or amused at some of the links. See how many of them you can find.

by Menashe

This is a strange page full of things that make no sense.

The question is whether you can find all the secrets that it holds.

See, you have no idea which words on this page in its wondrous entirety hold the links that will bring you to all sorts of other pages that are somehow Nintendo-related or somehow-not un-Nintendo related. In fact, I don\’t think the author himself has any such clue.

I mean to say, a link may be hidden in this word right here. Or it may not be hidden right here. It actually may be hiding a clue right under your nose.


\"\" mario \"\"


outa sight

Now, if you think yourself so clever as to find all 34 hidden links on this very internet web-browsable htmlglorified, css-styled, php-coded page, then you may declare as much down below in the comments. Just remember to list all 34 links so we know you\’re telling the 100% unadulterated truth. But, of course, that won\’t ever happen. You won\’t find all the links. You know why?

\"\"  \"\"


Because we decided to hire the same little goomba who happens to be Bowser\’s architect. You know the guy who places down all the bricks and pipes leading to Bowser’s Castle? Yeah, him. He came to help us hide all our secret links.

So, you don\’t stand a chance.