The top 10 best Steel type Pokémon: Gird(er) thy loins for battle

aegislash The top 10 best Steel type Pokémon

We’ve just about wrapped up the Pokédex in our bid to find the best of the best. But we’ve got a couple of types left to go. This time, we’re picking through the Steel types. Forged in fire (or something like that) and masters of Defense, you’d think the Steel types would be uniformly good for tanking and not much else. But that couldn’t be further from the truth, as our list of the 10 best Steel type Pokémon shows. As usual, we aren’t including Mega Evolutions or Legendary Pokémon.


magnezone The top 10 best Steel type Pokémon
Source: Pokémon Fandom

Magnezone looks like something out of EarthBound, but don’t let looks fool you. It’s a pretty handy Pokémon to have around. Magnezone’s stats reflect the best of its dual typing: high Defense and even higher Special Attack. And it’s actually a case where being slow has some good advantages.

Aside from the usual advantage with Gyro Ball getting stronger for slower users, Magnezone’s Hidden Ability Analytic gives its moves a 1.3x power boost when Magnezone moves last. Gen 8 Magnezone can also learn the super strong Steel move Steel Beam from a move tutor. There’s also the tried and true moves like Flash Cannon and the Lock-On / Zap Cannon combo.


aegislash The top 10 best Steel type Pokémon
Source: Pokémon Fandom

Aegislash’s main feature is pretty unique and is why it’s one of the best Steel type Pokémon. In its Base form, Aegislash has some of the highest Defense and Special Defense of any Pokémon (150 each), while Attack and Special Attack are 50 each. This is the perfect time to mess with your foe’s stats. If you use an attack move, though, Aegislash changes to Blade form. In Blade form, its Attack and Special Attack switch with the Defense stats. It definitely takes some planning to get the most out of Aegislash’s ability, and it’s easy to get wrong. But pull it off well, and Aegislash is a potential monster of a… monster.


durant The top 10 best Steel type Pokémon
Source: Pokémon Fandom

A lot of Steel types end up pretty slow, but Durant is an exception. Durant’s base Speed is 109, with Attack of 109 as well and Defense at 112. Its Steel/Bug typing is pretty excellent as well, since Fire is Durant’s only real weakness. Find one with the Hustle ability — 50% attack increase, 20% accuracy penalty — then put a Zoom Lens on it, and you’re in business.

Early moves like Metal Claw and Bug Bite get a huge boost with this setup, even more so if you teach Durant Hone Claws. X-Scissor and Iron Head are just downright destructive. But one other reason this build makes Durant one of the best Steel type Pokémon is how it handles other moves. You can get almost as much power out of, say, Stone Edge and Thunder Fang, even though Durant won’t get a same-type attack bonus for them.


perrserker The top 10 best Steel type Pokémon
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Perrserker can put a dent in its foes in a similar way and combines the good points of both Magnezone and Durant. Like you’d expect from a Steel type, Perrserker comes with high base Attack (110) and Defense (100). Unlike Durant, it’s slow, with a Speed stat of just 50. But factor in Perrserker’s Tough Claws ability and moves like Metal Burst (better if you move last), and you’ve got a build fit for a ravaging invader. Tough Claws boosts the power of physical moves by 30%. Add the same-type attack bonus for Steel moves, and Perserrker’s Attack could almost double. It has good surprise coverage too, with the likes of Shadow Claw and Dig helping Perrserker take on plenty of different enemy types.


klinklang The top 10 best Steel type Pokémon
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Despite coming from an evolutionary line with perhaps the least inspired names in the series, Klinklang still counts as one of the best Steel type Pokémon. But it’s a weird one. Klinklang’s best offensive stat is Attack (100), though most of its learnable attacks are Special-oriented. Fortunately, its signature Gear Grind move does good physical damage and comes with a same-type attack bonus. There’s also Wild Charge for a physical Electric move. At higher levels, Klinklang learns the excellent Shift Gear, which raises Attack and Speed. So in other words, Klinklang might be limited to a few specific kinds of attack, but it’s very, very good at what it does.


Source: Pokémon Fandom

Mawile’s stats might not look like much, but it’s got great typing, an impressive move pool, and means to use it. The best Mawile is Mawile with Intimidate, since it halves an opponent’s Attack stat and means you don’t have to spend a turn using Iron Defense in most cases. Adding Fairy to Mawile’s typing makes it immune to Poison and lessens the threat of Fighting. All new Mawile needs to worry about is Fire and Ground. Its low Attack stat can be offset with Swords Dance too. Play Rough and Iron Head are ideal moves for a powered-up Mawile, but Crunch and the Punch moves shouldn’t be discounted either. You can even stick Sludge Bomb on it and send it out against other Fairy types.


Source: Pokémon GO Hub

It might take a while for Beldum to turn into Metagross, but it’s worth your time. Metagross is one of the most well-rounded Steel types and a must-have for any best Steel type Pokémon list. Its Attack and Defense are each 135, Special Attack is a healthy 95, Special Defense is 90, and the only lacking stat is Speed at 70. Metagross’ Psychic dual typing means it can learn a number of highly useful moves to sweep the competition. Meteor Mash and Zen Headbutt are almost obligatory. But Earthquake, Shadow Ball, Signal Beam, and Ice Punch are equally good for covering nearly every type threat.


Source: Bulbapedia

Most cute Pokémon end up being difficult to actually make worthwhile in battle. Togedemaru is different from the likes of Pachirisu and Dedenne though. For one, it’s got much better Attack (96) paired with pretty high Speed (also 96). Fell Stinger helps boost Togedemaru’s Attack even more, while Zing Zap has a good chance of making opponents flinch. It can learn a number of special-focused moves, but Attack is really Togedemaru’s forté, which is fine. Iron Head, Wild Charge, and Return are all strong physical moves, while U-Turn and Poison Jab work very well for surprise coverage. No, Togedemaru won’t take many hits in battle. But if you need a fast-moving hard hitter, it’s the best Steel type Pokémon for the job.


Source: PokémonFAQs

Copperajah is quite the dark horse, which is saying something since it’s an elephant. With high HP and Attack, meh Defense, and terrible Speed, you’d think it was good for just one or two things — if anything, since it moves so slow. However, Copperajah’s fantastic move pool mitigates all of these issues. You’ve got your typical Steel moves like Iron Head and Iron Defense, but the really useful one is Curse. It’ll kick Speed down more but raises everything else. Then there’s a seriously impressive spread of other moves, ranging from Superpower and Play Rough to Power Whip and Body Press (which works better the higher your Defense is). Copperajah can take on almost anything.


Source: Pokémon Fandom

Skarmory might not be as tanky as Steelix, but it wins out as one of the best Steel type Pokémon because it just works better. Skarmory’s typing means it has two weaknesses only: Fire and Electric. You’ll want to steer clear of Special-focused attacks from those types. But Skarmory stands a good chance of withstanding most other attacks with its stellar 140 Defense stat. Swords Dance beefs up a decent 80 Attack stat, and then you can get busy with laying on the hurt. Steel and Flying moves take priority with same-type attack bonuses, as usual. Yet you can mix and match moves like Rock Slide, X-Scissor, and Dark Pulse to give your opponent a nasty surprise. And if its base Speed of 70 isn’t cutting it, there’s always Agility to solve that problem in a hurry.

That’s it for our best Steel type Pokémon roundup. We’ve still got one more type left to go, so stick around for our last Pokémon roundup. Meanwhile, check out our current rankings:

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