The top 10 best Rock type Pokémon: We don’t take these for granite

sudowoodo The top 10 best Rock type Pokémon: We don't take these for granite

Our next stop as we move through the Pokédex searching for the best of each type is Rock types. The Rock type might seem extraneous to new Pokémon fans at first. There’s already a Ground type out there. Earth as an element is well-represented, so why split… stones? Yet Rock Pokémon are a surprisingly diverse group both in type pairings and moves. Even though they tend to have a range of weaknesses, they also include some of the most powerful Pokémon around. Here are our picks for the top 10 best Rock type Pokémon.


Aerodactyl The top 10 best Rock type Pokémon: We don't take these for granite
Source: Bulbapedia

Fossil Pokémon have always been a great part of the main series games. It’s like a second starter Pokémon, except you’re one of the only people in the world to have one (yay you!). And Aerodactyl is one of the best Rock type Pokémon you can find among these fossilized gems. Being part Flying ironically makes Aerodactyl weak to other Rock types. But apart from removing weakness to Ground and Grass, it also makes up for this oddity with some incredible Attack and Speed stats. Moves like Crunch and Iron Head hit hard and might prevent your foe from moving. Aerodactyl’s Rock Head ability also lets you use moves like Take Down to full effect without dealing with recoil damage in return.


The top 10 best Rock type Pokémon: We don't take these for granite
Source: Bulbapedia

Most Rock type Pokémon are incredibly sturdy, and Gigalith is no exception. It’s stronger than Golem in almost every way. That extends to typing as well. Since Gigalith is pure Rock type, you don’t get 4x weaknesses to Water and Grass, and there’s no Ice weakness either. If you use TMs or TRs, you can still teach it Ground moves like Bulldoze too, so there’s no real trade-off here.


The top 10 best Rock type Pokémon: We don't take these for granite
Source: Pokémon Wiki

Lunatone and Solrock were designed to work alongside each other as part of gen 3’s double-battle gimmick. But don’t discount this duo just because of that. Lunatone is the special-oriented one of the pair. Being Psychic/Rock type, it can do things its Rock type mates can’t, things like using Psychic, Shadow Ball, and even Weather Ball. That more than makes up for Lunatone’s rather numerous weaknesses. If you find you’re struggling a bit in battle, though, you can just do like the Mossdeep Gym Leaders did and use Calm Mind until Lunatone is nigh unbeatable.


The top 10 best Rock type Pokémon: We don't take these for granite
Source: Bulbapedia

Speak of the devil and he shall appear. Solrock also belongs on this list for sure, for the opposite reason as Lunatone. While Solrock can use special moves like Psychic or Flamethrower (it is the sun, after all), it’s best suited for physical attacks. The usual Rock moves like Rock Slide and Stone Edge are good, but you can also put Earthquake, Stomping Tantrum, and Acrobatics on Solrock as well. Calm Mind naturally works well for Solrock too. Or you can whip up a Sandstorm and just wait your opponents out.


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Kabutops is another one of the original gen 1 fossil Pokémon, and it’s a rarity among Rock types in a way. Not only does Kabutops have decent Special Defense, making it fairly sturdy all around, but it also has a pretty crummy basic move set. Fortunately, it’s got access to plenty of TMs to complement its super-high Attack and make those twin arm blades just as deadly as you thought they looked on the Game Boy. You can go the usual Rock route with moves like Stone Edge, made even stronger if you teach Kabutops Swords Dance. Or you can shake things up a bit, using moves like X-Scissor, Waterfall, and Thief to make it even more versatile. However you do it, Kabutops’ high Attack and Speed mean that, like with Aerodactyl, you won’t be dealing with drawn out battles.


Source: Pokémon Wiki

Most Rock type Pokémon aren’t exactly known for excelling in Special Attack. Omastar is different, though. This Rock/Water dual type is yet another fossil from gen 1, and while it excels in Defense like most Rock types, its second biggest feature is that 115 base Special Attack stat, higher even than Lunatone’s. This makes Omastar viable as a Water and Ice user, capable of making good use of moves like Water Pulse and Ice Beam. Even better, being part-Water means that, like Kabutops, Omastar isn’t weak against Steel. Anything that removes weaknesses is a plus in our books.


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It’s rarely a good idea to bunch up types that share weaknesses. At least, it’s not a good idea for anything other than Aggron, one of the strongest tanks in Pokémon. Aggron is an incredibly durable Steel/Rock type, with a Defense stat of 180. Attack is a respectable 110, while everything else is pretty average, really. But Aggron does what you need it to. It holds the fort against other attackers — assuming they aren’t Fighting type — and dishes out damage all the while. There’s plenty to choose from here too. A variety of surprise moves from Thunderbolt to Aqua Tail act as a nice supplement to Aggron’s extra-powerful Rock and Steel moves. It’s a powerhouse and definitely one of the best Rock type Pokémon.


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Rhyperior isn’t much different from Rhydon, but the little differences are enough to make it a better candidate for best Rock type Pokémon. Rhyperior is great for hitting hard and withstanding physical attacks. Its Defense is 130, while Attack is 140 — but Speed is a measly 40. Like most Rock types, especially Rock/Ground types like Rhyperior, you’ll have to baby it a bit against certain foes. Fortunately, Rhyperior has a pretty impressive move pool to pick from. You can teach it Heat Crash, Outrage, even Megahorn. And if you slap a Focus Sash on Rhyperior, you could even turn it into a surprise Pokémon for a one-off against a stronger foe like a Grass type, since Focus Sash lets the holder survive one hit.


Source: Bulbapedia

There’s a lot to like about Tyranitar, with its well-rounded stats putting it up there with the likes of Dragonite and Metagross as a very strong Pokémon. However, it’s also one you’ll need to tread carefully with. With Dark now being weak to Fairy as well, Tyranitar has a fair few weak points to cover. But you can probably juggle that well enough with Tyranitar’s wide-ranging moves. It gets the best of basically all the worlds.

For example, Tyranitar can learn the Punch attacks. It can also learn Dragon moves on top of the Rock and Dark moves you’d expect. That means it gets some of the strongest moves in Pokémon, while being sturdy enough to fire at least one or two of them off even when in a pinch. That ability to hold its own in a fight makes it technically better than the actual Rock/Dragon ‘mon Tyrantrum.


The top 10 best Rock type Pokémon: We don't take these for granite
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Sudowoodo looks like a hat stand, but it’s a pretty handy Rock type Pokémon nonetheless. Like most Rock types, Sudowoodo has a lot of weaknesses. Yet it covers most of these with high Defense and hits back with a hefty Attack stat of 100. Granted, you’ll need a Quick Claw or some kind of strategy to make up for Sudowoodo’s slow Speed. Your reward for doing that is getting access to the elemental Punch moves, a range of Fighting type moves, and a fair few status-focused moves like Toxic. It’s easily one of the most versatile Rock type Pokémon around.

Those are our rock-solid picks for the best Rock type Pokémon. With so many to choose from, we’ve done our best to leave no stone unturned. But be sure to sound off in the comments and let us know your top picks! And while you’re here, check out our other Pokémon rankings:

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