The top 10 best Poison type Pokémon: Corrosion never felt so right

muk The top 10 best Poison type Pokémon: Corrosion never felt so right

As we continue roving through the Pokédex in search of the very best, our next stop is Poison types. Gen 6 introduced a new level of usefulness for Poison ‘mon as one of just two types effective against Fairy types. There are quite a few Poison types out there, but we’ve narrowed it down to the 10 best Poison type Pokémon around. And as usual, no Mega Evolutions or Legendaries are included.


Toxicroak The top 10 best Poison type Pokémon: Corrosion never felt so right
Source: Pokémon Fandom

Toxicroak is all about hitting hard. Of course, you’d expect that from a Pokémon that shares its Poison typing with Fighting as a dual type. It’s a useful matchup that makes Toxicroak handy against Normal, Rock, and Steel types, alongside the ones Poison is always good against. Drain Punch helps restore HP if you need it, while Gunk Shot works especially well with Toxicroak’s 106 Attack stat and same-type attack bonus. The rest of its move pool is equally versatile. Toxicroak can learn Bulldoze to deal with other Poison types and slow foes down. You can also teach it Work Up to raise Attack even more or surprise moves like Bounce and X-Scissor.


toxapex The top 10 best Poison type Pokémon: Corrosion never felt so right
Source: Pokémon Fandom

Toxapex is a good example of the “tortoise versus hare” story. Not because it’s slow. Well, not just because it’s slow, since Toxapex has pretty abysmal Speed. The main reason is Toxapex is a fantastic defensive Pokémon built to last. With Defense of 152 and Special Defense of 135, it’s going to take a while to wear Toxapex down, even taking advantage of super effective moves. Merciless is an excellent ability to have, if you don’t want to put Toxic Spikes on Toxapex. One of Toxapex’s signature moves is Baneful Bunker, a defensive move that negates damage and poisons any attacker that tries to land a hit. Merciless makes any attack a critical hit if the foe is poisoned. You’ll want to slap some strong moves like Gunk Shot or Scald on Toxapex, though. Its attack stats aren’t that great.


scolipede The top 10 best Poison type Pokémon: Corrosion never felt so right
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Scolipede is a unique choice on our list. It’s a Poison type Pokémon that actually does better with moves that aren’t Poison, and that’s because Scolipede’s Special Attack is just bad (55). The only real Poison set that might work is Poison Jab, or maybe Toxic plus Poison Drench. That’s not exactly a bad thing — just a bit limited in terms of Poison. Something else Scolipede gets that makes it worthwhile is Megahorn, one of the most powerful Bug attacks. And it can learn Earthquake and Swords Dance to further augment its already high Attack of 100.

Galarian Slowbro

galarian slowbro The top 10 best Poison type Pokémon: Corrosion never felt so right
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One of the newest Poison Pokémon is also one of the best Poison type Pokémon. Galarian Slowbro ditches Water for Poison, making it one of the most unique typings in the series. And it still brings with it most of regular Slowbro’s best points while adding its own benefits. Defense and Special Defense are down just a tiny bit, but Attack gets a boost to 100 to match with Special Attack. Even with slow speed, that makes Galarian Slowbro a very well-rounded Pokémon indeed. You’ll need to use TMs or TRs to actually get some Poison moves on it, but still. You’ll certainly have plenty of moves to choose between, from Poison Jab and Sludge Wave to Water Pulse and Liquidation.


muk The top 10 best Poison type Pokémon: Corrosion never felt so right
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Muk is a pretty versatile Pokémon, capable of dishing out and absorbing a fair bit of damage. A big part of that ability stems from Curse, the move that, for non-Ghost types, raises Defense and Attack at the cost of Speed. Speed doesn’t really matter for Muk since it’s slow anyway, but you can always use Acid Armor if need be. In exchange, you get a Poison type (or Poison/Dark if it’s Alolan Muk, since stats are the same) with an Attack stat of 105 and moves like Gunk Shot and even Shadow Sneak. On the support side, Muk can learn Double Team to avoid enemy attacks and Scary Face to bring down an opponent’s Speed. And if you do go with Alolan Muk, that takes care of the Psychic weakness as well.


Source: Pokémon Fandom

Maybe Victreebell belongs in the Grass list, but it definitely works as one of the best Poison type Pokémon anyway. It might not have Muk’s defensive bulk, but it hits just as hard. Victreebel’s Attack is 105 and Special Attack is 100, so it can use physical and special moves to their full effect. Physical moves get an extra boost if you teach it Swords Dance. Swords Dance + Power Whip + same-type attack bonus = ouch. Best of all, Victreebel you transfer from Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon can have Strength Sap. Strength Sap reduces the target’s Attack and restores the user’s HP, so land a couple of those and you’re in a good place. Even without that, Victreebel has the Powder moves to cause no end of trouble for opponents.

Galarian Weezing

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Galarian Weezing is a totally bizarre type matchup. Poison and Fairy shouldn’t be able to exist together according to the laws of Pokémon. But that’s exactly what makes Galarian Weezing so darn good. Adding Fairy to Poison means Weezing can take on Dragon, Dark, and Fighting types. These are all types regular Weezing couldn’t do anything special against. While its Special Attack of 85 means you won’t get the full effect out of Dazzling Gleam, an Attack stat of 90 means Play Rough is definitely viable. Plus Galarian Weezing has a fantastic Defense stat of 120, so it can take a hit or three with no problems. It’s a standout typing and definitely one of the best Poison type Pokémon.


Source: Pokémon Fandom

Skuntank is a good choice for a general all-’rounder with an offensive bent. Its typing as Poison/Dark gives an extra boost to moves like Pursuit, Sucker Punch, and Night Slash. And with high base Attack, you’ll be just fine with the usual Poison Jab for your main Poison move. Competitive users like putting Defog on Skuntank, though Taunt works better for in-game use since it means your foe can’t use the same move twice in a row. That’s an excellent way to get a break if you find you’re having a tough go thanks to a certain move. Or there’s always Flamethrower for a surprise move. Just don’t ask where the fire is coming from.


Source: Pokémon Fandom

Salazzle is one of those super-focused Poison type Pokémon, but that’s not a detraction. This Pokémon excels in Special Attack (111) and Speed (117), making it perfect for a Toxic and Venoshock combo. Being part Fire type means Salazzle also gets a same-type attack bonus for moves like Flamethrower and, if all else fails, Overheat. This Pokémon only gets one regular ability, and that’s perfectly fine. Corrosive means Salazzle can hit Steel types with Poison moves, so no one is safe. If you want to venture outside Salazzle’s type for moves, you can shake things up with the likes of Dragon Pulse and, even better, Dragon Dance to boost Salazzle’s stats.


toxitricity The top 10 best Poison type Pokémon: Corrosion never felt so right
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Toxitricity gets a spot on the list of best Poison type Pokémon in part because of its unique typing. There’s no other Poison and Electric Pokémon out there, for now at least. And it’s got a slight advantage over Salazzle because even though Toxitricity’s Special Attack (114) is better than its Attack (98), both are high enough where you can get good use of same-type attack moves ranging from Gunk Shot to Wild Charge. The Punk Rock ability makes using Boomburst and other voice moves worthwhile too, since it boosts their power by 30%. And that’s not even taking into account Toxitricity’s support moves like Toxic, Venom Drench, and Thunder Wave.

That’s it for our best Poison type Pokémon roundup. Let us know in the comments if you’ve had better luck with a different Poison type! And be sure to check out our other best Pokémon lists:

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