The top 10 best Grass type Pokémon: Better than fresh lawn clippings

The top 10 best Grass type Pokémon: Better than fresh lawn clippings

Following the recent surprise reveal of New Pokémon Snap, we’re going through all the Pokémon types and picking our top 10 of each. This time, we’re honing in on the 10 best Grass type Pokémon. These critters can be a bit tricky to use and don’t always shine like other types. But get a handle on their quirks, and you’ll find these an invaluable addition to any team.


roserade The top 10 best Grass type Pokémon: Better than fresh lawn clippings
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If you want to rush in and clear the field, Roserade is hands down one of the best Grass type Pokémon to pick from. Budew’s final evolution is fast, with super-high Special Attack and high enough Special Defense to survive a few hits. Granted, you’ll need to hit fast if you want to win because Roserade’s low Defense and HP means it’s not the sturdiest flower around. But with moves like Toxic Spikes and Venoshock available to it, and high-power Grass moves like Giga Drain and Petal Dance, there’s plenty of ways around those lower stats.


tsareena The top 10 best Grass type Pokémon: Better than fresh lawn clippings
Source: Pokémon Fandom

Tsareena is another heavy-hitting Grass type. And it’s steps ahead of the competition too. Higher Defense and Special Defense mean it can outlast the likes of Carnivine, while a 120 base Attack value helps Tsareena make quick work of your foes. Even without TMs, Tsareena’s move pool is surprisingly useful as well. The unique move Trop Kick lowers enemy attack, while Teeter Dance literally throws them off balance and confuses them. Tsareena’s Speed might not be that great, but the enemy team probably won’t be getting that many hits in anyway.


flapple The top 10 best Grass type Pokémon: Better than fresh lawn clippings
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Appletun might look the part of the sturdy tank ‘mon, but Flapple’s actually the way to go if you want one of the best Grass type Pokémon from the latest generation. The Sword exclusive has higher Defense and much higher Speed. Special Attack is just slightly lower, and regular Attack is significantly higher. What all this translates to is a Pokémon better able to take advantage of its move set and dual typing. Moves like Gravapple hit harder with Flapple, and you don’t have to worry about being knocked out first like with Appletun. If you’re a Berry user, Flapple’s Ripen ability — that doubles Berry effects — will be your best friend too.


tangrowth The top 10 best Grass type Pokémon: Better than fresh lawn clippings
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Tangrowth is a sturdy heap that can also dish out quite a bit of damage. All Tangrowth’s stat values except Special Defense and Speed are high, which means it could probably even deal with an Ice Shard or two. Plus, if yours has Chlorophyll, you can easily fix the Speed issue with Sunny Day. Access to both status moves and heavy-hitting Grass moves both special and physical make Tangrowth a mighty force to be reckoned with. Just make sure to cover its type weaknesses somehow. That low Special Defense means it won’t stand a chance against Poison and special Ice moves.


venusaur The top 10 best Grass type Pokémon: Better than fresh lawn clippings
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After all these years, Venusaur still remains one of the best Grass type Pokemon. It’s technically Roserade’s opposite, but not in quality. Where Roserade thrives on fast battles, Venusaur is built for the long haul. Higher Defense stats plus all the Powder moves let you throw a wrench into your foe’s plans. And while they’re scrambling to recover, you get to set up stronger move combos — the classic Sunny Day and Solar Beam combo, for instance, or Toxic and Venoshock. Decent Attack makes moves like Earthquake and Body Slam viable as well, if you’re looking to shake up your move sets and strategies.


Source: Pokémon Fandom

Chesnaught’s either great or pointless depending on whom you ask. But we’re opting for great — hence including Chesnaught on our best Grass type Pokémon list. Adding Fighting as a sub-type does increase Chesnaught’s weakness to Flying. Yet it also makes Chesnaught viable against Steel, Normal, and possibly Ice types if you compensate for its crummy Speed. Chesnaught has one of the highest Defense stats among starters in general and an Attack value comparable to Infernape. Better still, Grass ends up being better suited to Fighting than Fire, though. That’s because you get Seed Bomb and Wood Hammer alongside Hammer Arm and the myriad Fighting moves Chesnaught can learn.


Source: Pokémon Fandom

Abomasnow, the Grass/Ice type, is one of the stranger type combos in Pokémon. Adding Ice opens up so many weaknesses, but it also presents some unique opportunities. For one, Abomasnow can easily take on Dragon types. Sure, there are other Pokémon around — especially with Fairy types now — that can do that. But the Snow Warning ability makes battles tough for any non-Ice Pokémon and boosts Abomasnow’s Ice moves. Add to that some powerful and handy moves like Ice Shard and Blizzard, plus the Grass move Woodhammer, and you’ve got a unique, if sometimes fragile, contender for one of the best Grass type Pokémon.


Source: Pokémon Fandom

Exeggutor’s Grass/Psychic pairing is another unique typing. You might struggle a bit with its slow Speed. But on the bright side, the Psychic dual typing lets Exeggutor learn a huge variety of moves. These range from Zen Headbutt and Flamethrower to the more traditional Psychic and Wood Hammer. Exeggutor’s high Attack stats combined with the move variety makes it a powerful force on the field. Like with many Grass Pokémon, you can always compensate for low Speed with Sunny Day. Or you can make good use of the Powder moves so Speed never becomes an issue anyway.


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Leafeon is easily one of the best Grass type Pokémon — for a specific purpose. It’s packing impressively high Defense and worthy Attack, plus some good Speed as well. Use it against Pokémon with low Defense and you’re good to go. But Special Attack and Special Defense are absolutely not Leafeon’s forte. You’ll miss out on the usual Grass attacks and rely on Leaf Blade and Seed Bomb for same-type bonuses. Yet that also frees you up to experiment with adding other moves, like X-Scissor and Aerial Ace, or Toxic and Facade.


ferrothorn The top 10 best Grass type Pokémon: Better than fresh lawn clippings
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Ferrothorn is a classic in the competitive scene thanks to all the auxiliary moves that make it…  a thorn in your foes’ side. (Forgive us. It was inevitable). It’s perfectly viable as one of the best Grass type Pokémon for in-game and casual multiplayer use too, though. You’ll naturally play Ferrothorn as a defensive Pokémon because those are its best strong points. Moves like Heavy Slam (better for heavy ‘mon) and Gyro Ball (powerful for slow ‘mon) take advantage of its slow Speed and normally bland Attack to fantastic effect. And you can supplement these with moves like Shadow Claw and Payback if you need to surprise an opponent.

That’s it for our ranking of the top 10 best Grass Pokémon. Drop us a comment and tell us your personal rankings! And if you’re looking for more best Pokémon lists, stick with Nintendo Enthusiast. We’ve got a whole lot more coming your way. For now, check these out:

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