The top 10 best Fire type Pokémon: These champions burn bright

The top 10 best Fire type Pokémon

With Pokémon Sword and Shield: The Isle of Armor out now plus the exciting New Pokémon Snap announcement, there’s no better time to rummage through the Pokédex and post our picks for the best Pokémon of each type. This go around is all about Fire types. Fire type Pokémon aren’t all that common in the Pokémon series, not compared with the likes of Water types. But that doesn’t mean every Fire type excels to make up for its rarity and is worth taking the time to train either. These are the 10 best Fire type Pokémon that made the cut for our list. As always, we aren’t including legendaries and Mega Evolutions.


arcanine The top 10 best Fire type Pokémon
Source: Pokémon Fandom

After Charizard, Arcanine is probably the Pokémon you think of next when you hear “Fire type.” And small wonder why. It’s one of the floofiest, most adorable Pokémon around. That floof isn’t just for show, though. Arcanine’s also one of the best Fire type Pokémon thanks to its well-rounded stats. Attack is its forté, closely followed by Special Attack. Regardless of what the anime tells us, Speed isn’t off the charts, but it and the two Defense stats are high enough. Best of all, though, is the Intimidate ability, cutting opponents’ attack in half. You can easily rely on Arcanine to hold its own in a fight, just like you’d expect from Pokémon’s bestest pup.


Pyroar The top 10 best Fire type Pokémon
Source: Pokémon Fandom

The speed honor goes to Pyroar. It’s faster than both Rapidash and Arcanine and stronger than Talonflame. Shoot, it’s even got higher Defense and Special Attack than Infernape. You’ll be well set to take extra advantage of moves like Flamethrower and Hyper Beam (thanks to being part Normal) with Pyroar. And if it has Rivalry as its ability, you get a further 25% increase to Attack and Special Attack if your foe is the same gender. Pyroar may be a one-trick pony in terms of being one of the best Fire type Pokémon. But play your cards right, and you can use that to your advantage.


Darmanitan The top 10 best Fire type Pokémon
Source: Pokémon Fandom

Darmanitan is weird. But that weirdness is what makes it one of the best Fire type Pokémon too. The standard form is almost doomed to fail. It’s got super high Attack and decent Speed and absolute garbage everything else. Yet that’s exactly how Darmanitan is supposed to work, sort of like a reverse Wishiwashi. Once its HP falls below 50%, it transforms — not into a super monster, like Wishiwashi, but into Zen Form Darmanitan. Like this, Darmanitan has incredibly high Special Attack and decent other stats except Speed. You basically get two Pokémon in one. It definitely takes getting used to and some setting up, but pulling it off is oh so worthwhile.


Camerupt The top 10 best Fire type Pokémon
Source: Pokémon Fandom

On the surface, Camerupt seems like a terrible choice. Fire and Ground? Look at that Water weakness! And that’s about it. Other than Ground and Water, Camerupt has no other weaknesses and a bunch of resistances. That’s good because it’s also very, very slow. But with no major weaknesses (because you shouldn’t send a Fire type against Water anyway), you’re primed for battle thanks to Camerupt’s high Attack and Special Attack. You’ll bring the full force of moves like Fire Blast and Earthquake with its same-type attack bonus. Slow foes down with Bulldozer if things are moving too fast. And if you’re in for the long haul, kick up a Sandstorm and wait your foes out.


Source: Pokémon Fandom

Flareon’s something of a glass cannon when it comes to Defense, especially with slow Speed. But this puppo makes up for it with Attack. Flareon’s base Attack value is 130, which makes it even stronger than Blaziken. You’ll want to focus on moves like Fire Fang and, later, Flare Blitz to get the most out of Flareon’s Fire typing. Slap on moves like Iron Tail and Dig for something different. That way, you’ve got a Pokémon capable of quickly dealing with foes normally outside the Fire type’s wheelhouse. It’s that versatility earning Flareon a spot among the best Fire type Pokémon around.


Source: Prima

Centiskorch has one of the most unique dual typings, being one of the only Fire and Bug types around. That means Centiskorch can handle Psychic and Dark types as easily as Ice and Grass types. And there’s not much of a trade-off either. Rock and Water are its only real weaknesses. On top of that, Centiskorch packs some impressive Attack and HP stats to make up for iffy Defense. Not that you’d likely need to worry about Defense. Moves like X-Scissor and Fire Lash would probably wipe up the competition quickly. And as a nice bonus, if yours has White Smoke, you never have to worry about stats getting lowered from opponents’ attacks.


Blaziken The top 10 best Fire type Pokémon
Source: GameRant

Sorry, Charizard. Blaziken wins the day for one of the best Fire type Pokémon and best Fire type starter Pokémon too. That’s because Blaziken is one of just a few Pokémon with strong Attack and Special Attack. That Attack is particularly impressive, with a base stat of 120. Infernape slides in slightly behind Blaziken, with only Speed as a noticeably stronger stat. As a complement to its strengths, Blaziken can learn a pretty wide array of moves as well. Yet as with all Fighting types, you’ll need to hit hard to secure victory. Blaziken isn’t built to withstand a full-on assault.


Source: Pokémon Fandom

Delphox is opposite Blaziken in typing terms, but technically superior when it comes to Speed, Defense, and definitely Special Defense. Where Delphox really excels is Special Attack, though. And while it’s not as versatile as the fire chicken because of low Attack, Delphox makes it up with moves. There’s the most powerful Fire moves, of course — all reliant on Special Attack. And then there’s a bevy of Psychic and other special-themed moves Delphox can use thanks to the dual typing. Plus non-X and Y Delphox can learn Dazzling Gleam to give it a chance against Dark types.


Source: Bulbapedia

Turtonator’s a bit of an odd… well… not duck. Odd turtle? Anyway. Its stats aren’t all that spectacular, outside Defense. So you might wonder why bother with it, but there’s something special about Turtonator. Its dual typing as Fire and Dragon means the only weaknesses you need to worry about are Ground and Dragon. Both of those typically use physical moves, which means Turtonator is well-equipped to handle them and last a long time in battle. And even though its Special Attack isn’t enough to write home about, you’ll still be able to dish out plenty of damage from some of the most powerful moves too.


Chandelure is one of the best Fire type Pokémon thanks to being suited for just one thing: hard-hitting special attacks. You’ve got an extremely high Special Attack stat with this one; the base is 145, and that’s not even considering a beneficial nature. However, Chandelure is also one of the worst. It has a bunch of weaknesses with nothing to cover for them. Still, with decent Speed and high enough Defense stats, you’ll probably wipe the floor before things get hairy anyway. Being part Ghost type means you can take on foes that other Fire types — like Blaziken — have no business dealing with.

That’s it for our 10 best Fire type Pokémon list, but naturally, it’s all subjective. Sound off in the comments how you’d rank the hottest Pokémon type!

Keep an eye out for the rest of the types in the coming days as well. For now, take a look at our Normal type Pokémon list to see which ones made the cut.

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