The top 10 best Fighting type Pokémon: Welcome to the dojo

pangoro The top 10 best Fighting type Pokémon: Welcome to the dojo

We’re still working our way through the Pokédex to find the very best Pokémon of each type. This time, we’ve landed on Fighting types. These Pokémon are known for their strong Attack and meager Defenses, creating a risk/reward situation if you decide to use them. But we’ve rounded up the 10 best Fighting type Pokémon that offer more reward than risk, even some that can deal with their newest nemesis, the Fairy type. As always, Legendary Pokémon and Mega Evolutions are excluded, as are Pokémon that appeared in previous lists.


infernape The top 10 best Fighting type Pokémon: Welcome to the dojo
Source: Bulbapedia

Infernape might not have made the cut for the Fire type list, thanks to a certain chicken. But it wins out as one of the best Fighting type Pokémon. Infernape boasts equally high Attack and Special Attack, good Speed, and enough HP to weather a hit even with low Defense. What really makes Infernape stand out even more, though, is its move pool.

Moves like Vacuum Wave and Fire Blast are a must. But Infernape has stat-augmenting moves like Nasty Plot, Calm Mind, and Double Team as well, on top of surprise moves like Acrobatics. That’s not even considering the countless other TMs you can use on Infernape, from Shadow Claw to Solar Beam. It’s an incredibly adaptable Pokémon.


throh The top 10 best Fighting type Pokémon: Welcome to the dojo
Source: Pokémon Fandom

Sawk, Throh, Hitmonchan, and Hitmonlee all do basically the same things. It’s Throh who comes out on top, though. That’s mostly down to its stats. Throh does better than Hitmonchan as a defensive Pokémon and can last longer than Hitmonlee, while still dishing out plenty of damage with its base 100 Attack. Speed is crummy, but Hitmonchan’s 75 Speed stat isn’t doing it any favors either.

Throh still gets some excellent moves too. These include Bulk Up, Storm Throw, and all the elemental Punch attacks, with surprise moves like Poison Jab and Earthquake for added effect. There’s no Drain Punch here, but with better HP, you won’t need to rely on it as much anyway. And with the Guts ability, Throh’s offense gets an even bigger boost should it have a status effect.


passimian The top 10 best Fighting type Pokémon: Welcome to the dojo
Source: Pokémon Fandom

Passimian can give Infernape a run for its bananas with even higher Attack (120), better HP, and higher Defense. And despite being just Fighting type, Passimian gets all manner of different moves. Drain Punch helps with recovery, of course. Gunk Shot or Iron Head would be a great option against Fairy types. Then you’ve got Acrobatics and Smack Down for surprise moves and Scary Face to deal with faster foes. Passimian’s got an answer for all its weaknesses and the bulk and power to pull off all these strategies and more.


lucario The top 10 best Fighting type Pokémon: Welcome to the dojo
Source: Bulbapedia

Of course Lucario is on a best Fighting type Pokémon list. That was practically inevitable, and for good reason. Like Infernape, Lucario can make physical and special attacks work with an Attack of 110 and Special Attack of 115. Its defenses are a bit iffy, especially for a Steel type. But its move coverage is impressive enough to make up for that. Aside from plenty of stellar Fighting and Steel moves (Aura Sphere, Flash Cannon, Meteor Mash), Lucario has support and surprise moves up its… sleeve? Somewhere. Anyhow, Swords Dance and Calm Mind make Lucario even more of a threat, while Dragon Pulse, Shadow Claw, and Blaze Kick give it extensive type coverage.


gallade The top 10 best Fighting type Pokémon: Welcome to the dojo
Source: Pokémon Fandom

Medicham might have Pure Power, but Gallade outclasses it in every way. As you’d expect from a Fighting Pokémon, Gallade’s Attack (125) is significantly higher than its Special Attack (65). You’ll want to rely on physical attacks more, obviously, unless you rely on Calm Mind. And that’s okay. Psycho Cut is a unique physical Psychic move that’s likely to land critical hits, so it’s basically the only Psychic move Gallade needs. The usual Fighting moves like Close Combat and Drain Punch are good choices. However, Gallade also has support options with Work Up or Bulk Up, Toxic, Poison Jab, X-Scissor, and Earthquake. It’s excellent for wide-ranging type coverage and only has a few type weaknesses to reckon with.


pangoro The top 10 best Fighting type Pokémon: Welcome to the dojo
Source: Pokémon Fandom

On the surface, Pangoro seems like your average Fighting type. It’s got decent HP, powerful Attack, and middling everything else. Pangoro in gen 8 is a different story. It’s always had the Iron Fist ability, but in gen 8, Pangoro finally became one of the best Fighting type Pokémon. At last, it could learn all the elemental Punch moves. Those plus Bullet Punch (good against Fairy ‘mon) and Comet Punch make Pangoro worthwhile by themselves. But it has a pretty impressive move pool aside from those. Dragon Claw, Crunch, Poison Jab, and Aerial Ace all make Pangoro viable against multiple different types. And of course, being part-Dark means Pangoro doesn’t have to worry about Psychics and can deal with pesky Ghosts.


Source: Pokémon Fandom

Crafty is a rarity for Fighting types. It actually has impressively high Defense and Special Defense stats, both with a base value of 115. You might say it needs those, since its Speed is an abysmal 58. But decent enough Attack (90) and a wide-ranging move pool mean Scrafty will stay a thorn in your foe’s side. Scrafty can learn moves ranging from Toxic and Scary Face to Dragon Tail and Stone Edge, all in addition to the usual Fighting and Dark moves you’d expect. Add Bulk Up or Double Team to the mix, and you’ve got plenty of ways to make Scrafty an invaluable member of your team.


Source: Bulbapedia

Despite essentially being a bear wearing an Alice band, Bewear is one of the best Fighting type Pokémon if you know how to use it. Its signature Fluffy ability is both excellent boon and curse. Fluffy halves damage from physical moves, while making Fire type moves super effective. Seeing as Bewear’s base Defense is a modest 80, Fluffy is a good complement to its 120 HP stat, unless, y’know… it catches on fire.

Images of flaming humanoid bears aside, this gives you enough leeway to put Bewear’s big ol’ 120 Attack stat to good use. The always useful Drain Punch accompanies Rock Slide, Shadow Claw, and Earthquake. Baby-Doll Eyes helps Bewear last longer, and Swords Dance boosts its Attack to incredible heights. As long as you know what you’re doing, Bewear is a powerhouse.


Source: Pokémon Fandom

The choice between Conkeldurr and Machamp for best Fighting type Pokémon is a tough one. It’s true Machamp has better Speed and Special Defense. But an extra 10 added to Speed (55 to Conkel’s 45) hardly makes a difference, especially when Conkeldurr has Mach Punch. Machamp has a more diverse move pool, but only Cross Poison really makes a difference. The others are special-oriented, which is definitely not Machamp’s forté.

What Conkeldurr has is pure, raw power and a much better Defense stat to make sure it can use that power for longer. Its Attack is 140. And apart from some of the strongest Fighting moves around, it gets Drain Punch for recovery, Stone Edge, all the Punch moves, Payback (hooray for low Speed!), Earthquake — you get the idea.


Source: Pokémon Fandom

Breloom takes a bit of work to make it great. Spore is one of the best support moves in Pokémon because it always hits and puts the foe to sleep. But you need to raise Breloom’s pre-evolved form Shroomish to level 40 to learn that. That means breeding said Shroomish until the baby learns Spore is the best option if you want to stall foes.

Or you can ditch support and focus on power. If you use the DexNav feature in Omega Ruby / Alpha Sapphire, you can find a Breloom with the Hidden Ability Technician. With this ability, moves with a power level of 60 or lower get a 50% boost. Suddenly, moves like Rock Tomb and Force Palm are much more powerful. And Breloom’s 130 Attack stat makes them even stronger, reliable supplements for the typical powerhouse moves like Dynamic Punch.

And that’s that for our best Fighting type Pokémon list. As always, drop a comment below if you have a better setup in mind, and be sure to check out our other best Pokémon roundups:

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