The top 10 best Fairy type Pokémon: Some Fairy powerful contenders

slurpuff The top 10 best Fairy type Pokémon: This ain't no fairy-tale folks

We’ve almost gone through the entire Pokédex on our journey to find the best of the best. But there are still a few types left. This time, we’re looking at the newest Pokémon type, the Fairy type. Fairy Pokémon first sprang up in gen 6 as Dragon slayers with very few weaknesses and plenty of special coverage opportunities. There aren’t too many as yet, but we’ve narrowed the lot down to the top 10 best Fairy type Pokémon. No Legendaries or Mega Evolutions allowed.


florges The top 10 best Fairy type Pokémon: This ain't no fairy-tale folks
Source: Pokémon Fandom

Florges is the poster child for Fairy types. It’s got everything we came to expect from the critters, namely, high Special Attack and unbelievably high Special Defense. Ain’t nothin’ gonna touch Florges with a special attack. Regular Defense is pretty low though, and Speed isn’t anything remarkable. Still, with Fairy’s resistance to Dark and Fighting moves, Florges manages to hold its own in battle. And it gives it right back too, with the likes of Moonblast, Energy Ball, Psychic, and some good recovery moves to deal with damage taken.

Mr. Mime

mr. mime The top 10 best Fairy type Pokémon: This ain't no fairy-tale folks
Source: Pokémon Fandom

Mr. Mime isn’t too spectacular as a Psychic type, just because it has more competition. Add in a same-type attack bonus for moves like Dazzling Gleam, and you’ve got one of the best Fairy type Pokémon though. Mr. Mime has super-high Special Defense and good Special Attack, with better Speed than Florges. That’s great for strong moves like Psychic and Shadow Ball. But if you get one with its Hidden Ability Technician, then weaker moves like Confusion, Magical Leaf, and Hidden Power get a huge boost too. There’s also Mr. Mime’s signature Barrier move to shore up lackluster Defense and Nasty Plot to shoot its Special Attack straight through the roof.


primarina The top 10 best Fairy type Pokémon: This ain't no fairy-tale folks
Source: Pokémon Fandom

Primarina has excellent dual typing with Water/Fairy that makes it a viable threat to all kinds of Pokémon, not least the fearsome Dragon types, while negating Steel as a weak point too. It’s helped along as one of the best Fairy type Pokémon by a wide-ranging move pool for offense and utility styles. You can make Primarina offense-only, with moves like Moonblast, Ice Beam, and Hydro Pump. Covering its weak points with Baby-Doll Eyes or using Sing to incapacitate a foe makes a good strategy too. Primarina’s Hidden Ability Liquid Voice turns sound-based moves into Water moves, so moves like Hyper Voice and Echoed Voice get an extra bit of oomph too. Best of all, most of Primarina’s weaknesses rely on special attacks, which won’t be too much of an issue with its high Special Defense.


alcremie The top 10 best Fairy type Pokémon: This ain't no fairy-tale folks
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Alcremie might not be as flashy as others on our list, but it’s still one of the best Fairy type Pokémon. Like most Fairy types, it excels in high Special Attack and Special Defense. Its mono-typing does mean Alcremie is mostly focused on Fairy moves. But that’s not too bad, because it still gets access to some highly useful moves like Mystical Fire, Psychic, and Energy Ball to help with coverage. Recover means Alcremie’s going to stick around for a long time too, especially since the half-curse of mono-typing means it only has two actual weaknesses. Another bonus is Fake Tears, which helps soften up the foe’s Special Defense. So even if Alcremie doesn’t have a type advantage, it’ll still take down most foes with relative ease.


Source: Pokémon Fandom

Carbink is a curious Pokémon. Its Defense and Special Defense are nearly unparalleled, with a base stat of 150 each, while both Attack stats are pretty bad — at first. Carbink’s status as an iron wall means you’ve got time to boost its stats with Sharpen or Calm Mind, with Double Team working as a good evasion option. After you raise its stats or just ensure foes can’t hit Carbink, it’s time to go to work with high-powered moves like Stone Edge, Smack Down, Gyro Ball, and the Fairy standby, Moonblast.


Source: Pokémon Fandom

If your only experience with Azumarill is the original gen 2 version, you’re missing out on a potential monster. Azumarill’s Huge Power ability doubles that meager 50 Attack stat, which is pretty nice. If you use Belly Drum too, then Azumarill’s Attack ends up just crazy high. Most of Azumarill’s moves are physical too. So things like Ice Punch, Play Rough, Aqua Tail, Superpower, and Iron Tail end up incredibly strong, to say nothing of Azumarill’s impressive type coverage. It’s atypical for a Fairy type, which is a big reason why we think Azumarill is one of the best Fairy type Pokémon.


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You can do a lot with Clefable, and not just because of Metronome. Clefable’s almost like a Psychic Pokémon, learning moves like Solar Beam, Fire Blast, and Thunderbolt, alongside the obligatory Moonblast. Calm Mind helps make these moves hit harder, while protecting Clefable for the long run. It also learns Sing and Dream Eater, and you can stick Iron Tail and Water Pulse on it. And if you do run into a spot of trouble, you’ve got Chansey’s signature Soft-boiled move you can use (don’t ask) or Rest if you don’t have a Clefable from gen 3. There’s basically a Clefable for all occasions.


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Sylveon is sort of like Florges 2.0 with stats, but it has a few key differences that keep it from being a copycat. One is the Pixilate Hidden Ability. Pixilate increases the power of Normal moves and turns them into Fairy moves, which bodes well for the Voice moves and even physical moves like Body Slam.

The other is a broader move pool. Sylveon gets access to moves like Mystical Fire, Shadow Ball, Weather Ball, and the weather-changing moves. Plus, it has a good many utility moves, like the ever-useful Charm (good for protecting its low Defense) and Fake Tears.


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Grimmsnarl is as tricky as its impish pre-evolved form would have you believe. Low Speed and Defense make it iffy for competitive use. But Grimmsnarl with the Trickster ability has a chance to cover its weaknesses with stat moves like Bulk Up, Reflect, or Scary Face. Whether you turn the stat tables or not, Grimmsnarl’s 120 base Attack is no joke. Play Rough and Spirit Break get same-type attack bonuses. Darkest Lariat and Sucker Punch do as well.

Plus, Grimmsnarl has good type coverage, with Fighting moves, the elemental punches, Shadow Claw, and Stomping Tantrum. It’s probably the most defensively frail ‘mon on our list, true. But its super-high Attack and coverage still make Grimmsnarl one of the best Fairy type Pokémon.


slurpuff The top 10 best Fairy type Pokémon: This ain't no fairy-tale folks
Source: Pokémon Fandom

Slurpuff looks like a total goofball because putting a tongue on a cake can only look nonsensical. Fortunately, it makes up for sheer silliness with exceptional positive points worthy of the best Fairy type Pokémon. The Unburden ability doubles Speed when a held item is lost. Stick a berry on Slurpuff, and then watch that Speed stat approach 150 (!!) when the ability activates. Belly Drum increases Slurpuff’s Attack and is a handy way to make sure it uses a restorative berry early on.

Then you’ve got physical moves like Drain Punch (good for recovery), Play Rough, Giga Impact, and Round to really hit your foes hard. Special Attack is slightly less impressive. However, it offers a good chance for type coverage if need be. Slurpuff can learn all the major elemental moves like Thunder and Flamethrower, with Fake Tears to soften up an opponent’s Special Defense as well.

That’s it for our best Fairy type Pokémon roundup. What’s your preferred Fairy type? Let us know in the comments, and be sure to check out our other best Pokémon roundups:

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