The top 10 best Electric type Pokémon: Now you’re plugging into power

The top 10 best Electric type Pokémon: Now you're plugging into power Eelektross

We’re nearing the end of our journey through the Pokédex, but there are still some types left to scrutinize. The shining stars this time are the Electric types. They’re fast (sometimes), they’re strong (usually), and they’re surprisingly hard to categorize thanks to diverse move pools and some nifty abilities. We’ve combed through them all to find the 10 best Electric type Pokémon, excluding Legendaries and Mega Evolutions as always.


Heliolisk The top 10 best Electric type Pokémon: Now you're plugging into power
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Heliolisk’s high Speed and Special Attack (109 each) make it a dangerous force in any battle. It’s almost always going to hit first, and when it does, your opponent will know it. Heliolisk has access to a sweeping range of moves too. Weather Ball is one of the most interesting because of Heliolisk’s potential abilities. Dry Skin heals Heliolisk in rainy weather and makes Water moves restore its health. Solar Power, Heliolisk’s hidden ability, boosts its Special Attack by 50%. And Heliolisk can learn both Rain Dance and Sunny Day, so you won’t need another ‘mon to set things up. Finally, Heliolisk can learn Volt Switch, handy for switching out because of its low Defense while still dealing damage since Volt Switch is a special attack.


Electivire The top 10 best Electric type Pokémon: Now you're plugging into power
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Where Heliolisk’s strengths are distinctly in the Electric department, Electivire has a much broader scope of operation. Attack is its best stat (123), but a Special Attack stat of 95 still makes special moves viable. And that’s a good thing. Electivire can learn moves like Thunderbolt, of course. But it can also learn Flamethrower to deal with pesky Grass and Bug types, Focus Blast, Earthquake, Psychic, and even Ice Punch to deal with Ground types. It’s an incredible spread of moves, even more so because Electivire’s defensive bulk and good Speed mean it can both deal out damage and last in battle.


galvantula The top 10 best Electric type Pokémon: Now you're plugging into power
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Galvantula might not have the same move coverage as Electivire, but its dual typing still makes it one of the best Electric type Pokémon. Being part Bug, Galvantula learns and gets a same-type attack bonus for moves like Bug Buzz and also X-Scissor, though Special Attack (97) is more Galvantula’s thing. There are all the main Electric moves, including Electroweb to slow foes down. However, Speed won’t often be an issue for Galvantula, with its base Speed stat of 108. That plus access to Giga Drain means Galvantula is capable of handling its own in battle even with low-ish Defense and Special Defense (60 each). There’s the added bonus of taking on Ground types with Giga Drain too.


arctozolt The top 10 best Electric type Pokémon: Now you're plugging into power
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It’s a toss-up between Sword and Shield’s two Electric fossil monsters for whom to rank higher among the best Electric type Pokémon. They both have specific strengths and uses, and they both have the same number of weaknesses. Arctozolt, the Electric/Ice type with the lil’ snot drip hanging down, is slightly better with special moves and, until its hidden ability is available, works well with Payback.

Arctozolt is very, very slow, which isn’t a surprise really — just look at it — but it has super strong moves like Icicle Crash and Wild Charge. Bolt Beak gets stronger if you go first, which you won’t be doing most of the time. Fortunately, Arctozolt has good enough Defense (90) and Special Defense (80) to weather the storm while you throw out surprise moves like Stomping Tantrum and Stone Edge.


dracozolt The top 10 best Electric type Pokémon: Now you're plugging into power
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Then we have Dracozolt, the Electric/Dragon that doesn’t look quite as pitiful as Arctozolt (Someone please give it a hanky.) but still counts as nightmare fuel. Odd-looking as it may be, Dracozolt still shines with its high Attack of 100. Dragon moves like Dragon Tail and Dragon Rush get that sweet same-type attack bonus, with an added boost if Dracozolt has Hustle as its ability. Hustle raises Attack at accuracy’s expense, though, so you’ll want to compensate with the Zoom Lens item. Then there’s Dracozolt’s Speed. At 75, it’s still not impressive, true. But combined with Thunder Wave or an unfortunately slow opponent, it still means Dracozolt can get the most out of Bolt Beak.


rotom The top 10 best Electric type Pokémon: Now you're plugging into power
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Rotom is one of the best Electric type Pokémon for a bunch of reasons, actually. Its base typing of Electric/Ghost is completely unique, for one. That plus a Special Attack stat of 95 gives Rotom plenty of high-powered moves like Thunder and Shadow Ball. Rotom’s real strength is in its form-changing, though.

Whatever generation of Pokémon you’re playing (that Rotom appears in), you can swap its form and type: Electric/Flying, Electric/Fire, Electric/Ice, Electric/Water, and Electric/Grass. It gets a strong move matching each type too, like Overheat, Leaf Storm, and Air Slash. If that isn’t enough, most of its stats increase even more when it changes forms, with Special Attack in particular rising to 105 and, more importantly, Defenses going up to 107 each.


eelektross The top 10 best Electric type Pokémon: Now you're plugging into power
Source: Azurilland Wiki

Eelektross is an excellent Pokémon and one of the best Electric type Pokémon. Not only does it have strong Attack and Special Attack, but Levitate, its only ability, means Eelektross has no type weaknesses. Eelektross has a much bigger move pool than you’d expect from an eel too. It can use moves like Drain Punch, Dragon Tail, Giga Drain, Flash Cannon, and even Flamethrower. Ion Deluge is another handy move, one that turns Normal moves into Electric moves. So Giga Impact, Thrash, and Crush Claw all get a same-type attack bonus under Ion Deluge’s effects, while Normal moves from opponents aren’t effective against your Eelektross.

Alolan Golem

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Alolan Golem is way more useful than regular Golem, thanks to swapping the unnecessary Ground typing for Electric. It can still learn the ultimate Ground move, Earthquake, and can put it to good use against Steel foes with its Magnet Pull ability. Magnet Pull keeps Steel types from leaving battle, and being part-Electric negates Steel’s super-effective damage against Rock types. Outside Steel foes, Alolan Golem is naturally handy against Ice and Bug, two types Electric usually can’t do much against. But its capacity for surprise moves is noteworthy too. Alolan Golem can learn Bug and Steel moves, plus Fire, Dark, and Fighting. Like always, though, it’s a slow beast you’ll need to keep clear of special-focused foes.


Source: Bulbapedia

Manectric is the essence of Electric Pokémon. It’s fast, has strong Special Attack, and won’t stand up to much pressure in combat. Frailty aside, Manectric is still bulkier than the other Electric doggo Boltund and has better attack stats. In-game, using a turn for recovery isn’t a big deal anyway. Its high Speed makes Manectric useful for softening up tough foes, either paralyzing them or lowering Attack stats. But Manectric’s real utility comes from squeezing as much power out of Thunder and Thunderbolt as possible, supplementing it with some handy surprise moves like Psychic Fangs, Toxic, and Flamethrower.


Source: Pokémon Fandom

Ampharos is a slow one. But it makes up for an abysmal 55 Speed stat in a couple of big ways that make it worthy of being one of the best Electric type Pokémon. The Static ability has a decent chance of paralyzing foes on contact, so the Speed gap won’t always be an issue. If that doesn’t work, Thunder Wave will, or Cotton Spore will lower their Speed anyway. Then there’s Ampharos’ other stats. It has a great Special Attack of 115 and fairly good Defenses: 85 for Defense and 92 for Special Defense. Ampharos’ move pool is impressive too, with moves like Power Gem, Dragon Pulse, and the wildly unreliable-but-strong Zap Cannon sitting alongside Signal Beam, Toxic, and Focus Blast.

That’s it for our best Electric type Pokémon roundup. And while we’re sorry Pikachu didn’t actually make the cut, let us know your picks for the top Electric ‘mon in the comments! Be sure to check out our other best Pokémon roundups too:

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