The top 10 best Dragon type Pokémon: Myths brought to life

The top 10 best Dragon type Pokémon: Myths brought to life drampa

We’ve reached the end of the Pokédex. There’s just one more type to scrutinize, and it’s the powerful Dragon type. Fairy types brought Dragons down a peg, but these mythical monsters still pack a punch and won’t go down easily. As you’d expect from semi-legendary beasts, they’ve all got wide-ranging move pools and bulky stats to keep them going. But not all Dragons are worth training. We’ve pulled together the top 10 best Dragon type Pokémon worthy of your time, with no Mega Evolutions or Legendaries included.


dragonite The top 10 best Dragon type Pokémon: Myths brought to life
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There’s a really good reason Dragonite used to be the ultimate challenge in Pokémon. Dragonite still holds up as one of the best Dragon type Pokémon 20 years later, with excellent stats and a staggering array of moves at its disposal. With both Attack stats at over 100 and strong Defense stats, it’s going to take a good bit to wear Dragonite down. That goes double if it has the Multiscale ability, which halves damage taken if Dragonite is at full health.

Then there are the moves. Strong moves like Hurricane and Dragon Rush get even more devastating with Dragon Dance on board. Dragonite’s good Special Attack means it can squeeze plenty of power out of the elemental attacks like Ice Beam, while its Attack makes Stone Edge, Earthquake, and Iron Tail close to shattering.


dragalge The top 10 best Dragon type Pokémon: Myths brought to life
Source: Pokémon Fandom

Dragalge benefits from a unique dual typing of Poison/Dragon, making it one of only a few Dragon types capable of dealing with Fairy types. Super-high Special Defense of 123 (worthy of a Fairy type, really) means Dragalge can probably take on even Psychic and Ice types and still land some hits before needing attention.

Like other Dragons,  it can learn a ton of different moves too. All the big Water moves like Hydro Pump are possible. So are Thunderbolt, Focus Blast, and Play Rough, the last of which meaning Dragalge can also take on other Dragons effectively. Bounce is a good surprise move too. And of course, Dragalge gets plenty of Dragon coverage, with the likes of Dragon Pulse, Outrage, and Draco Meteor.


salamence The top 10 best Dragon type Pokémon: Myths brought to life
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Salamence might seem like a Dragonite knockoff at first glance. It’s Dragon/Flying just like Dragonite and has similar stats, after all. There are some important bits differentiating it as one of the best Dragon type Pokémon, though. Despite Dragonite’s sheer power, Salamence actually has a chance of doing more damage. Its Attack is one point higher — 135 instead of 134 — but more importantly, Salamence’s Speed is higher, at 110. Basically, Salamence is built to swoop in fast and wreck your foes.

Salamence’s move pool might not be quite so diverse, but with a higher Special Attack of 110, it can technically do more with what it has than Dragonite.


drampa The top 10 best Dragon type Pokémon: Myths brought to life
Source: Pokémon Fandom

Drampa might look a bit like a caricature, but it’s a force to be reckoned with — assuming you raise it right. Drampa’s Special Attack rivals Alakazam’s, at 135 for the base value. Speed is a horrible 36, though. It would really benefit from some EV training. Either way, Drampa’s got some pretty good moves at its beck and call, even if it can’t act first.

Draco Meteor does some spectacular damage with Drampa’s Special Attack and same-type attack bonus. Hyper Voice gets the same treatment, since Drampa is Dragon/Normal. And basically any special attack works with this one: Ice Beam, Shadow Ball, Hurricane, you name it.


haxorus The top 10 best Dragon type Pokémon: Myths brought to life
Source: Pokémon Fandom

Haxorus is one of the best Dragon type Pokémon partly by virtue of actually being pure Dragon type. Unlike others on this list, Haxorus has just three weaknesses: Ice, Dragon, and Fairy. It can also deal with all those weaknesses thanks to its enormously powerful Attack stat of 147 and good Speed of 97.

Haxorus has access to Rock Slide, Iron Tail, and Low Kick for Ice types, plus Poison Jab for Fairy types. There are obviously plenty of Dragon moves, including Dragon Claw, and quite a few surprise moves, like Psycho Cut and X-Scissor. Haxorus is definitely a powerhouse and worth taking the time to raise.


Source: Bulbapedia

Haxorus might be a powerhouse, but Kommo-o is one of the most versatile and well-rounded Dragon Pokémon around. That is good, since that rather daft Dragon/Fighting dual typing opens it up to two common weaknesses and cranks the Fairy weakness up to four. On the bright side, Kommo-o’s stats are pretty excellent. Only Speed (85) and HP (75) dip below 100, meaning you can build Special, defensive, and physical-focused Kommo-o without any issue.

Clanging Scales is a handy, if slightly dangerous, move that dishes out a lot of damage and takes a chunk from Kommo-o’s sturdy Defense. Outside same-type moves, it can learn Poison Jab to deal with Fairies, Aerial Ace, and even Flamethrower for some impressive coverage.


Source: Bulbapedia

Goodra’s pretty great. Being pure Dragon type means it has just three weaknesses, while the Sap Sipper ability grants it a bonus Grass resistance. Its stats are high, especially that 150 base value for Special Defense. And on top of all that, Goodra’s move coverage is crazy good. That might seem par for the course with Dragons so far, but Goodra gets an edge as one of the best Dragon type Pokémon thanks to some useful extra moves. Some of these, like the weather moves and Bulldoze, are excellent for messing up your foes’ stats or giving your team a boost. Others just make for superb coverage, like Power Whip, Sludge Wave, and Body Press.


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Duraludon’s unique Dragon/Steel typing means it isn’t weak to the usual Dragon slayers like Ice and Fairy. It does open up two brand new weaknesses with Ground and Fighting, but Duraludon has ways of handling them with Iron Defense. Or, y’know, just not using Duraludon against its weaknesses. Either way, Duraludon’s specialty is Special Attack (120), though a fairly respectable Attack stat of 95 combined with Hone Claws makes using physical moves totally viable too. There’s plenty to choose from, whatever your build.

Duraludon’s weight gain ability makes Heavy Press a good choice. The new move Steel Beam is also super useful with Duraludon’s high Special Attack and the same-type attack bonus. But it has a good range of surprise moves too, things like Thunderbolt, Dark Pulse, and Solar Beam. With just those two weaknesses, you can expect to get a lot of use from Duraludon.


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Dragapult, another new Dragon type, also carves a unique niche for itself as one of the best Dragon type Pokémon. Typing has a lot to do with that. Dragon/Ghost is totally unique and fits perfectly with Dragapult’s new signature move: Dragon Darts. Dragapult shoots two Dreepy at the foe (only in Pokémon, eh?) for a double attack that, combined, has a base 100 attack value. With Dragapult’s high 120 Attack value, it’s probably the only Dragon move you’ll need.

Incredible Speed of 142 means you’ll pretty much always hit first, though Sucker Punch could cause trouble. That said, Dragapult gets Sucker Punch too, so enemy Ghost types beware. Dragapult’s Special Attack is a hefty 100, so feel free to fill out the rest of its move pool with any number of options. Ghost moves are a given, especially the status+Hex combo. There’s Psychic Fangs for some really good coverage and the usual elemental attacks.


Source: Pokémon Fandom

Flygon and Garchomp may seem interchangeable thanks to sporting the same Ground/Dragon typing. And sure, we could have put Flygon on our Ground list. But it’s a more interesting Dragon than Garchomp. The Levitate ability is a huge bonus for competitive players, but it’s useful even if you just want to send Flygon out against other Ground types. Bug Buzz and Giga Drain are both great for surprise moves, with the latter serving as a good recovery option — especially against other Ground types. Boomburst’s high power works very well, even without a same-type attack bonus, plus Flygon gets a couple of strong Flying moves for even more coverage.

That’s it for our best Dragon type Pokémon roundup and our trek through the Pokédex. If you’ve missed any along the way, check out some of our other best Pokémon roundups:

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