The toaster decal your Switch absolutely needs

toaster decal for Nintendo Switch

I’ve seen a number of different decals and mods for the Nintendo Switch. There are see-through Joy-Con’s that resemble the atomic Nintendo 64 line, as well as others that show off geek and gaming culture. There are seemingly endless possibilities. So, why not make it a toaster? Better yet, why not make your Joy-Cons look like toast? The DecalGirl “Toastendo” design does just that.

You need this Switch skin if you like bread and stickers.

DecalGirl has a variety of designs, not just theĀ toaster decal for Nintendo Switch. There’s even a throwback NES and GameCube inspired wraps for all of you retro heads out there. The price point won’t drain your wallet, either. The Toastendo and others will only run you $19.99.

Do you currently have a unique design on your Nintendo Switch? We’d like to see how you’ve customized your console. Let us know in the comments below!


Greg Bargas
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