The Switch OLED has a built-in screen protector that Nintendo cautions against removing

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The Switch OLED officially hit store shelves a few days ago, thus giving it its full debut into the public space. Now that units are out in the wild, people are discovering all sorts of neat little quirks about the system. One thing that previously went unmentioned by Nintendo is the fact that the system’s big, vibrant new display comes with an extra feature: a built-in screen protector.

This built-in screen protector might look like a removable film to some folks. As a result, Nintendo has included a word of caution in the Switch OLED’s manual, stating that in the event someone does get the idea of trying to remove it, they absolutely should not do so. The reason being is that this screen protector is unlike one you’d typically buy and install yourself. Rather than laying atop the display, thus allowing for easy installation and removal, this factory preinstalled screen protector is pretty much¬†bonded onto the Switch OLED’s display. As a result, trying to remove it will result in physical damage being caused to the Switch OLED’s screen.


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In fact, the company officially refers to it as an “anti-scattering adhesive film.” The Switch OLED actually features a glass panel rather than a plastic LCD screen like the original Switch and the Switch Lite. Those displays were already prone to scratches due to their relatively weak bodies.

The glass of the Switch OLED is far more resistant, but this protective film will help in the event that a unit is dropped and the screen is impacted. Think of it in the same way that a tempered glass screen protector helps protect the display of your phone. Speaking of which, you can still buy and install one of those for the Switch OLED without it interfering with the film that’s already there.

If you think that this is another one of those “Nintendo being Nintendo” moves, it’s actually not. Other devices also ship with such a protective film. Infamously, first-gen Samsung Galaxy Fold phones had a very obvious protective film which many people mistakenly tried to pry off, which ended in disaster each and every time.

Samsung managed to make the protective film both more durable and also standout less in later iterations of the Switch.¬† Nevertheless, the Switch OLED is clearly just one of a growing number of devices to come with such a feature. At the end of the day, it’s all in the name of safety and does benefit the consumer.


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