The Switch has already surpassed more than half of Xbox One’s sales

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Back in 2013 when the Xbox One and PS4 launched nearly simultaneously, the divide between the two happened seemingly overnight. While the industry instantly fell in love with the PS4, Microsoft’s system was lambasted due to its higher price, forced Kinect integration and lower performance. This is why roughly a year later, Microsoft stopped releasing hardware sales numbers. Since then, gathering sales data has been a matter of estimates from analysts. On that note, well-known industry analyst Daniel Ahmad recently posted an interesting tidbit of info over on the ResetEra forums. According to him, Xbox One global hardware sales are estimated to be somewhere around 41 million units.

Nintendo has not released updated global hardware sales for the Switch just yet, but the last official report from the end of last September had the official number at 22.86 million units. By this point, the Switch is likely either just under 30 million units or perhaps evenĀ beyond that level.

Catch Me if You Can

Thus, if Ahmad’s estimates are correct, that means the Switch already surpassed more than half of the Xbox One’s entire global sales more than two months ago. Keep in mind that the Switch hasn’t even been on the market for a full two years. Meanwhile, it’s taken the Xbox One a little over five years to hit the proposed 41 million mark.

Just a few weeks ago, Sony proudly announced that PS4 global sell-through numbers have hit a massiveĀ 91.6 million units so far. That’s a massive lead beyond both the Xbox One and Switch, but if the Switch continues to ride the high wave of momentum that it’s had since launch, it will likely at least overtake the Xbox One in about another year.

The 8th generation of consoles will begin to wind down this year, which is both good news and also possibly bad news for the Switch. While the PS4 and Xbox One will become lesser threats, their successors will be drawing ever closer to being revealed and then subsequently launched. When that happens, it could very well take a lot of interest away from the Switch. So, Nintendo needs to use the remaining time very wisely.


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