The Survivalists is out now on Switch with a monkey-filled launch trailer

The Survivalists launch trailer monkey mimic system Team17 Nintendo Switch

Team17 has released The Survivalists on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC, and Apple Arcade, and it has a launch trailer to commemorate the occasion. It occurs in the same universe as the developer’s The Escapists games, except this time around, you are exploring and surviving on procedurally generated islands. You will be crafting various tools and training monkeys to help you withstand dangerous animals and harsh environments and traverse labyrinths. Online cooperative multiplayer for upward of four players is also available.

The Monkey Mimic system in particular is striking, (I would be shocked if this entire mechanic weren’t inspired by the “monkey butlers” gag from The Simpsons.) as you can train up to 20 of them to perform assorted automated tasks like cooking and crafting. It’s something we all wish we had in real life as well, of course.

Team17 Head of Publishing Max Everingham had the following to say about the game: “The Survivalists is a very special title to everyone here at Team17, the fact it was developed in-house means we are extra proud of the next entry in The Escapists universe. We hope players enjoy their shipwrecked island life, and that with a little help from their monkey friends, they manage to not just survive, but thrive in the unchartered world of The Survivalists.”

The game costs $24.99 digitally on the Nintendo Switch eShop, and a physical version from Sold Out costs $29.99.

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