Know your history: The SNES Encyclopedia will launch on November 6, details a whopping 780 games

The SNES Encyclopedia

Those of us who grew up in the 90s know of the Super Nintendo. And if you ask me, it’s the best system ever. But what makes the SNES so endearing? If you want some background insight into the love I have for the console, you might want to pick up the upcoming The SNES Encyclopedia. Written by gaming journalist Chris Scullion, who penned the lovely The NES Encyclopedia last year, this tome details every title that came out for the machine in the west.

The SNES Encyclopedia will give you a history lesson while providing laughs

Here is a summary of what you can expect to discover should you purchase the book:

Following on from the previously released NES EncyclopediaThe SNES Encyclopedia is the ultimate resource for fans of Nintendo’s second home video game console, the Super Nintendo Entertainment System.

Containing detailed information on all 780 games released for the SNES in the west, this enormous book is full of screenshots, trivia and charmingly bad jokes. It also includes a bonus section covering the entire 22-game library of the Virtual Boy, Nintendo’s ill-fated 3D system which was released at the end of the SNES’s life.

I can’t wait to read Chris’s thoughts on the games of my youth. And, to a lesser extent, his views on the Virtual Boy. I tried it once in a Toys “R” Us before getting motion sick. Hopefully, he loves Chrono Trigger as much as I do. Otherwise, we’re going to have to duel to the death.

The SNES Encyclopedia will release on November 6. You can pre-order a copy through Amazon here, for $38.86.

Enthusiasts, will you be picking up The SNES Encyclopedia? Let us know your thoughts on the publication and the console it covers with a comment below.

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