The Skylia Prophecy Metroidvania slashes to Switch in April

The Skylia Prophecy 7 Raven Studios Ezekiel Rage Nintendo Switch release date April 23, 2021 Metroidvania but ugly

Publisher and developer 7 Raven Studios and developer Ezekiel Rage (definitely a Johnny Quest reference) have announced that Metroidvania The Skylia Prophecy will come to Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One on April 23, 2021, following on from its initial PC release in November 2020. The game seems to emphasize the Castlevania end of Metroidvania, being a medieval “story-driven, side-scrolling action RPG” with leveling and magic systems and three difficulty options.

Taking a glance at the game in action, it’s not one of the more beautiful entries in the genre, with some sometimes muddy or bland pixel art. The key art is also kind of comical, as that’s just not how you draw a human face. Fortunately, none of that stuff is very important, and if The Skylia Prophecy can deliver a quality gameplay experience, that will make all the difference. Although, the game has almost no Steam reviews, and the two I see are both negative (and from people who received the game for free).

Still, if you love Metroidvanias, especially the ones leaning on the Castlevania end, this might scratch an itch if you’ve already exhausted your many, many other options on Nintendo Switch. After all, it’s not like Konami is busy cranking any such games out — that we’re aware of, at least.


John Friscia
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