The Silver Case 2425 from Suda51 gets July Switch release date

The Silver Case 2425 release date July 6 NIS America Playism Grasshopper Manufacture Suda51 crime mystery The 25th Ward: The Silver Case remaster

At New Game+ Expo 2021, NIS America, Playism, and Suda51 with Grasshopper Manufacture announced crime mystery The Silver Case 2425 for Nintendo Switch with a July 6, 2021 release date. The Silver Case 2425 contains remasters of both the original The Silver Case and its sequel The 25th Ward: The Silver Case, the former of which was the first game Grasshopper Manufacture created. As Suda51 explained himself on stream, The Silver Case is “very dear” to him for that reason and because developing the game proved to him that the possibilities of game development are infinite.

The premise of The Silver Case is that a legendary serial killer named Kamui Uehara has apparently returned after 20 years to start a new string of serial killing in 1999. Meanwhile, The 25th Ward occurs five years later with a new main cast of characters but some returning characters as well. A woman has been murdered in an apartment complex, and naturally a deeper mystery spins out from there. Composer Masafumi Takada, who worked on Killer7, Danganronpa, No More Heroes, provides the soundtrack.

NIS America is selling an $89.99 limited edition of The Silver Case 2425 on Switch that contains a hardcover art book, complete soundtrack, “Red, Blue, and Green Comic,” a separate original comic, a “Kill the Past x Kill the Life” poster, and a collector’s box. The Silver Case 2425 Limited Edition also has a July 6 release date.


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