The second Platinum 4 game will be revealed this week

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The second Platinum 4 game is going to be revealed this week. PlatinumGames has updated its Platinum 4 website, which up until now has only listed The Wonderful 101 Kickstarter project. The four stars have now changed, and while two remain blank, there’s now a date attached to the third. That date is only two days away on Feb. 26, 2020. This means that PlatinumGames will reveal the second Platinum 4 game on Wednesday, which suddenly seems so far away.

What could it be?


Brett Medlock recently published his Platinum 4 predictions. With The Wonderful 101 being the first of the four games that PlatinumGames is announcing this year, it sets the tone for what the rest might be. We thought that Bayonetta 3 might be a good option, because it’s a game that every Switch owner wants and has been waiting for since it was originally teased. Then again, it just might be (but probably not) Scalebound, a game with some really interesting concepts that ultimately ended up being canned.

Of course, the more likely predictions made were for other remasters that PlatinumGames might bring to Nintendo Switch. These include Metal Gear Rising, a tremendous action game set within the Metal Gear Solid universe, but starring Raiden as opposed to Snake. The second possible remaster, or port, would be for Nier: Automata, an incredibly popular game that has a fan base large enough to justify the recent Nier: Orchestra Concert.

There’s every chance that Platinum will blow us away with an announcement for a brand new IP, or something else out of the blue. With so much funding now behind their remaster for The Wonderful 101, they may even be considering four separate Kickstarter projects for each of the Platinum 4. Whatever the announcement is, at least we only have two days to wait impatiently while refreshing the page once every five minutes.


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