The Rewinder, a Chinese mythology puzzle game, hits Switch in Q4 2021

Chinese mythology puzzle game adventure The Rewinder release date fall Q4 2021 Misty Mountain Studio Gamera Game

Publisher Gamera Game and developer Misty Mountain Studio are bringing Chinese mythology puzzle game The Rewinder to Nintendo Switch in Q4 2021, in addition to releasing it on PC via Steam. It has a new PC demo as part of Steam Next Fest, and the game hopes to charm players with its “unique ink-like pixel art style.” However, its most recent trailer is most likely to grab your attention with its pretty and melancholic original song by indie musician KALA. Give it a listen.

The premise of the game is that Qi Yun is the last “Rewinder,” a person who can talk to spirits and even change the past by exploring other people’s memories. Qi Yun is dispatched to investigate disappearances and deaths in a small village where a deep mystery is brewing. Gameplay involves point-and-click puzzling, but the game builds upon that foundation by allowing you to use “senses” to change NPCs’ “intentions” and rewrite history. And per its roots in Chinese folklore, the narrative of The Rewinder on Switch will involve figures like the “Spirit Wardens, the Ox-head and Horse-face Guardians of the Beyond, and the Tudi Gong (Keeper of the Land).”

Video games are a fantastic way to experience other cultures without spending a thousand dollars on a plane ticket (though that method has its perks), and The Rewinder stands poised to bring a unique experience to Nintendo Switch and PC this fall. We’ll keep this on our radar.

[Source: PR]

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