The recent big Nintendo system leak is apparently quite minor

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A few days ago, there was a leak that occurred that involved a number of Nintendo’s past systems. This included things like the source code for the Wii, Gamecube, and N64, along with other things like internal documents from Nintendo which detail certain system features. All-in-all, at face value, it appeared this leak unearthed a hefty amount of previously classified info from Nintendo’s history. But, apparently, it’s not as extensive as initially thought.

One member of a Wii hacking group was interviewed by PC Mag, and shared his thoughts about what was found in the leak. According to this hacker, while some of the findings were “interesting”, they apparently are of “no practical consequence”. In other words, there seem to be more toys rather than tools that came out of this leak.

Here is the full statement from the hacker:

“Most of the docs at this point are confirming things we already knew, or providing interesting technical tidbits, which are fun, but of no practical consequence[.] They contain documentation, source code for some parts of the system software (just a small portion), architecture diagrams and engineering docs like that. I’m sure someone is going to learn something interesting from this, maybe even fix some emulator bugs, but it’s all going to be very, very minor at this stage in the game[.]”

Nintendo has not provided any statement on the leak since it occurred. But, seeing that this hacker just wrote most of it off, it would appear that perhaps nothing of true significance was pushed out into the public. That said, who knows what might have gone down internally at Nintendo once this news started making the rounds; there were likely a few sweat-inducing phone/video calls made seeing that this situation managed to happen at all.

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